Born: Cleveland, Ohio, 1958
Education: Humboldt State University, 1980

Elisabeth Sunday has been photographing indigenous people across the African continent for the last 26 years. Using a flexible mirror she created for the purpose (and hand carries unaccompanied to some of the most remote and dangerous spots on earth), Sunday has created her own analog process that prefigured Photoshop that she calls “Mirror Photography.” Her method of photographing her subjects emphasizes and enhances their grace, elongating the body and the folds of their garments, creating an impressionistic effect. Although Sunday herself is never visible in the frame, she is as much actor as she is director within the drama of these photographs.

For more information or to purchase this work, please contact Meagan Stasz at mstasz@sfai.edu.

Emerge, 2007 
Silver print,
16 x 20 inches

Edition 1/10. Tuareg Woman The Sahara Desert, Mali.