Student Profile: Curtis Reid Henderson

Summer at the Dump—for Art's Sake

"The things which we discard today have the potential to become the raw materials of tomorrow. We need artists to get us to tomorrow."

Curtis Reid Henderson

As an Artist in Residence at Recology San Francisco, and an Resident Advisor at SFAI, Curtis Reid Henderson (BFA 2018) is keeping busy this summer—read on below.

Briefly introduce yourself.

My name is Curtis Reid Henderson, I am 21 years old, most recently from Los Angeles, and I will be entering my Junior year at SFAI.

You’ll be spending the summer in SF, what are your plans?

I am delighted to be spending my summer in San Francisco! My primary reason for staying this summer is an artist in residence at Recology San Francisco. I am primarily a sculptor, working mostly with wood and metal; however, I have recently developed an interest in working with reclaimed materials to create work that is functional, as well as reproducible.

As part of the Student Artist in Residence Program at Recology, what projects and materials are you excited to explore there?

At Recology, I will be working to create easily accessible DIY recycling culture by developing and disseminating information regarding: flattening and straightening pallet boards, melting and casting aluminum cans, reclaiming old electronics, etc. I want to encourage folks to see their waste not only for what it is, but everything that it can be.

You are also Resident Advisor (RA) for SFAI’s PreCollege program this summer, tell us about the position.

I am so grateful, not only that Recology has given me such a wonderful opportunity this summer, but that SFAI has made living in the city accessible through the RA program. SFAI is important to me, and I am happy that I am able to center my summer experience around our community.

Do you have any tips for a summer in the city for new SFAI-ers?

For all SFAI folks in the city this summer: I encourage you to be generous with your time, explore the art that your peers are making, and immerse yourself in the art community. Best of luck to everyone this summer as we prepare for the fall!

Save the date for the Artist in Residence Program at Recology San Francisco’s exhibition: Sept 22-23, and Sept 26, 2017. 

For more information on the Recology Artist in Residency program please visit their website.

Image credit: Courtesy of the artist and via Instagram @chendereid.