Charlie Ford: 2017 MFA/MA Exhibition Best in Show

Charlie Ford: Between

An excerpt from an interview with Charlie Ford (MFA 2017), whose performative actions both allude to everyday life and disrupt their familiarity.

Within Charlie Ford’s choreography, the stage is set to reconsider the world around us through the space between: stillness and action, object and body, seriousness and humor, control and failure.

This artist conversation frames Ford’s practice through his visual and performative background and his experiences in SFAI’s MFA program—and through the changing notion of “gesture.” Originally from Greater Manchester in the UK, dance, choreography, and visual arts were intertwined in Ford’s life: a required subject in high school led to a bachelor’s degree from London’s Middlesex University in Dance Studies. 

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Image credit: 1. GIF of performance stills from Body Language, 2016; 2. Gesture, 2016; Performance for video, duration variable; 3. THREE, 2016. All images and videos courtesy of the artist.