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Fundamentals of Drawing 

Xiao Wang
8 Sessions »Friday, March 20- May 8

12:00am-12:00pm | Online | $385

This online course will introduce the basic tools and fundamental techniques for drawing. Video tutorials by the instructor will cover key areas including mark making, composition, value, space, and drawing from both life and photographs. Students will be challenged to follow along with demonstrations and share their progress with the class by uploading images and participating in weekly group discussions. The class will culminate with a final drawing project due at the end of the course. Guided discussions and critiques will be made available through an online communication board.

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Art Appreciation Class

Rick Love
8 Sessions »Friday, March 20- May 8
12:00am-12:00pm | Online | $385

This course will cover a broad range of topics and themes: Women in Art History (including seminal artists such as Frida Kahlo and Jeanne-Claude, as well as lesser known artists such as Hilda von Bingen and women of the Bologna renaissance); Ancient Civilizations (including ancient Peru, Norte-Chico, Etruscan and Oceania); Mediums and Movements (including time-based, performance and conceptual artists such as William Wegman, Joan Jonas, and Stan Brakage), early photography, mosaics, and architecture;  Manifestos (Feminist, Futurist, De Stijl, among others); and the Great Collections and Museums of the world (including the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Walker Art Center, Legion of Honor and the British Museum).

Students with an artistic sensibility and a creative soul will thrive, as the course includes the type of creative assignments that the San Francisco Art Institute is known for.

 “Studying art appreciation built the visual foundation for my career in design. Art history is a guidebook for contributing to human culture. Understanding art is a doorway to understanding human nature. It’s essential for anyone who wants to contribute to today’s hyper-visual culture”

     Reed Enger — Designer for Artificial Intelligence, Google

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