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SPRING 2019 
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Courses run late Jan–Apr

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FALL 2020
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Late Fall 2019 + Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Institutional Garbage: At Work in the Archive
March 24- April 28
Tuesdays Sean Dickerson Waste away with art practices that have exploited or engaged in archival excess, cults of the ephemeral, trash as resource, or dustbin histories. $295 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Women’s Work Revisited: Feminist Art and a Politic of Labor
March 11-April 15
Wednesdays Jordan Taylor Holms When we think about art and labor, and art about labor, we often think of Richard Serra’s massive steel edifices, or even Mike Kelley’s hand sewn quilts made of discarded stuffed animals. But what about the women artists who have spent decades manifesting an alternative rhetoric around the value of labor? Through a series of lectures, discussions, and readings this course will examine feminist art and its relationship to labor practices, politics, and aesthetics. $295 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Line and Plane in Space
January 29- April 15
Wednesdays Yağmur Uyanık This hands-on course provides an introduction to digital modeling and digital fabrication methods such as laser cutting and 3d printing. $530 Art & Technology Closed
Environmental Installation
April 17-19
Friday- Sunday Raheleh Minoosh Zomorodinia Create installations and artworks based on the pioneer and contemporary history of such movements including: earthworks, ephemeral works, site-specific installations, environmental art, and performance. Discussions will investigate social, cultural, political, and environmental issues. $245 New Genres Register
Introduction to Oil Painting (12 weeks)
January 30- April 16
Thursdays Robert Xavier Burden Oil painting fundamentals, such as drawing, brushwork, color theory, and the technical manipulation of paint will further your skills along with demonstrations and exercises designed to encourage new ideas in a positive atmosphere as you complete three paintings during the course. $530 Painting Register
Introduction to Oil Painting (8 weeks)
March 3- April 21
Tuesdays Robert Xavier Burden Oil painting fundamentals, such as drawing, brushwork, color theory, and the technical manipulation of paint will further your skills along with demonstrations and exercises designed to encourage new ideas in a positive atmosphere as you complete three paintings during the course. $385 Painting Register
Acrylic Painting Abstraction
March 21- May 2 No class April 11
Saturdays Katie Curry Explore the methods and modes of abstraction through painting while also immersing yourself in contemporary art practices. $295 Painting Register
Advanced Oil Painting Tutorial
February 6-April 23
Thursdays Ingrid V. Wells With this course, students will set their own painting goals and have the opportunity for individual painting discussions with the instructor. Individual critique, relevant demonstrations and resources are shared within this tutorial framework. $530 Painting Register
Social Justice Photography
January 25-26 and February 1-2
Saturday + Sunday Ellen Jacob Explore how to create photos for social good. Discover the ways people and objects can take on symbolic meaning and how the traditional conventions of photography can be applied to suggest new relationships. Integrating a variety of disciplines and materials, find the best format for your story, from traditional prints to murals, zines, books, and installations. $195 Photography Register
Video Art
March 25- May 13
Wednesdays Lindsay Tully Let's make videos! Learn how to shoot and edit as we take a deep dive into video art history, including documentary, performance and experimental film. $385 New Genres Register
Welding 101: Trusting Your Hands
February 5- April 22
Wednesdays Tim Kopra Explore MIG welding technology, cold working techniques and more in this introduction to working with mild steel. Class will begin with an in-depth training of the metal shop, leading to an introductory project, followed by a personal intensive final project. $530 Sculpture Register
Sculpture from Scratch
February 12- March 18
Wednesdays Alyssa Block Create ceramic sculptures, both functional and not, that reference foods and dishware. $295 Ceramics Register
Artist as Curator: An Intro to Curatorial Practice
March 5- April 9
Thursdays Sherwin Rio This course will provide students with foundational knowledge, historical study, site visits, and hands-on experience to learn about curatorial practice through the lens of an artist-curator. $295 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Painting Heroes and Heroines
February 15- April 4
Saturdays Laura Pacchini Immerse yourself into the lives of heroes and heroines! Working from an individual’s perspective, this class will examine the role of the hero in the historical canon of painting as well as present day use. $385 Painting Register
Imaginary Worlds
March 10- April 28
Tuesdays Ben Cornish Broaden and deepen your ability to create and compose drawings from scratch while investigating the imaginary world. $385 Drawing Register
Large-Scale Ink Drawing on Paper
March 21-May 9
Saturdays Alice Gould Work gesturally and experimentally as we explore the use of ink and mixed media on large-scale paper. $385 Drawing Register
Custom Collage Paintings
February 1- March 7
Saturdays Alice Gould Experiment with ink and water using various brushes and tools applied to large-format rag paper. $295 Drawing, Painting Register
Arrangements: Cabinets, Boxes + Tableaux
March 25-May 13
Wednesdays Joanne Easton Create sculptures and make arrangements to explore objects’ interrelationships as you are inspired by the work of David Ireland, Joseph Beuys, Stephanie Syjuco, Lindsey White, and more. $385 Sculpture Register
Strike While the Ink is Hot: Political Printmaking
March 10- April 14
Tuesdays Kate Laster Learn about printmaking’s enduring history of activism and its connection to relief carving. See insurgent images, make insurgent images! $295 Printmaking Register
Soundscape and Landscape
March 21- April 25
Saturdays Hugh Livingston Explore sound and music as elements for creating personal and shared space in the environment, through off-site field trips and collaborative projects. You will be introduced to soundscape creation, using easily accessible tools, for mobile devices and outdoor spaces. $295 New Genres Register
Improvisational Sculpture Workshop
April 18 + 19
Saturday + Sunday Lia Sutton Build a series of original sculptures, using found materials, cardboard, paper, wood, cloth, and natural materials--all in a supportive environment. $165 Sculpture Register
Improvisational Drawing Workshop
April 25 +26
Saturday + Sunday Lia Sutton Strengthen your creative voice, access the foundation of innovation, and build a series of original drawings, all in a supportive environment. $165 Drawing Register
Personal Projects in Photography
February 25- March 24
Tuesdays Victoria Mara Heilweil Take the next step in the development of your work. Whether this is the first time you are creating a personal project, or you are stuck in your process and would like some feedback to help refine and complete an existing series, this class is for you. $245 Photography Register
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
March 3- April 28
7:30 -10:30pm
Tuesdays Sarah Ammons Through a series of concentrated exercises, develop a series of work that isolates the body and focuses on investigating body proportion, gesture, movement, light and expression. $435 Drawing Register
Narrative Drawing- Telling Stories with our Bodies
March 2- March 25
Monday + Wednesdays Mara Ramiriez Where does memory live? In our bodies? In our brains? We will examine intimate visual narratives as you make drawings centered on how human experience is remembered and transformed through meditative observational drawings and spontaneous image making. $385 Drawing Register
Handbuilt Ceramics: Treasure Boxes
April 18 -May 2,
Saturdays Liesa Lietzke We’ll use pinch and slab building methods and various means of surface decoration to create charming lidded boxes for your tiny (or not-so-tiny) treasures or to give as gifts. $240 Ceramics Register
Introduction to Animation
February 22- April 25
Saturdays Tessa Siddle Investigate traditional animation practices such as walk-cycles, basic character designs, collage animation and more. $480 Film Register
Printmaking With Botanicals: Layered Compositions
March 7- April 18 (No class April 11)
Saturdays Rebecca Rippon Use plants directly in the process of building an image in multiple printmaking disciplines including etching, and monotypes in this course emphasizing experimentation. $295 Printmaking Register
Darkroom Film Photography
January 29- April 15
Wednesdays Dana Morrison Learn the wonders of black and white darkroom photography in SFAI’s iconic photography department. This course is for beginners to intermediate students to learn the basics of traditional film photography and darkroom printing. $530 Photography Register
Painting in the Age of Photography
February 5- March 25
Wednesdays Lauren Jade Szabo Through hands on demonstrations, studio practice, and one-on-one tutoring, students will investigate the relationships between photography and painting within approaches of contemporary painting. $385 Painting Register
The Handmade Photobook
February 25- April 14
Tuesdays Ward Long Make a photobook by hand that deepens the experience of engaging with your pictures, as you learn more about editing, sequencing, storytelling, and various binding techniques. $385 Artist-Driven Experience Register
January 29 - April 1
Wednesdays Zachary Sumner Schomp Experiment with the use of multiple mediums and create a body of work using photographs, objects and text. $480 Photography Closed
Fine Art Printing Workshop
February 1- February 8
Saturdays Chris Grunder Review the basics of fine art printing in this fine art photography workshop. Recommended for intermediate to advanced photography students. $220 (includes $25 materials budget) Photography Register
Fundamentals of Drawing (Online)
March 20- May 8
Online Xiao Wang This online introductory class will cover key areas in the foundations of drawing that will include video demonstrations, online discussions/critiques, and a final project. Weekly participation is required. $385 Drawing Register
Music from the World of Tomorrow
March 14- April 18
Saturdays Daniel Melo Morales This course will provide students a fundamental understanding of how the practices sound, music, and noise manifest so as to understand each from the perspective of an artist and musician. $295 Artist-Driven Experience, New Genres Register
Art Appreciation Class (Online)
March 20- May 8
Online Rick Love Skip the textbook. This online art history course includes the type of creative assignments that the San Francisco Art Institute is known for. $385 Artist-Driven Experience Register
The Structured Accident
March 16- March 20
Monday-Friday Allison Miller The Structured Accident is a five day, eight hour per-day painting intensive. This course provides the opportunity to open up your practice, push yourself to experiment and approach making paintings in new ways using risk-taking and chance within a rigorous conceptual structure. $750 Painting Register