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SPRING 2019 
Registration opens Dec 1, 2018
Courses run late Jan–Apr

Registration opens Apr 1, 2019
Courses run Jun–Aug

FALL 2019
Registration opens July 1
Courses run Sep–early Dec

Late Spring + Summer 2019 Course Schedule

The Vault: Open-Genre Writing Studio
Saturdays, June 22, 29 July 13, 20
Saturdays Genine Lentine Cultivate your writing through generative exercises, feedback, readings, and guided discussions in this course focused on sustaining a resilient writing practice and tapping into your receptive creative process. $60 per session or $195 if you enroll in all four classes Artist-Driven Experience Register
Chance Drawing + Sculpture: The Cracks and the Dice
July 10- August 14
Wednesdays Joanne Easton Through drawing and sculpture explore methods of chance, randomness, and indeterminacy as a means of discovery. $295 New Genres Register
Video as an Expression of Self in the Environment
July 19-21
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Raheleh Minoosh Zomorodinia Investigate the relationship between “Self” and the environment in this video installation course focused on personal identity. $295 Film Register
Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Documenting Your Work
March 13- May 1
Wednesdays Alex Arzt In this course, learn how to accurately and professionally photograph your work in a variety of settings for use in online portfolios, applications, and personal archives. This course emphasizes camera use, lighting techniques, color correction, and retouching workflows so that you can utilize this skillset successfully throughout your career in the arts. $385 Photography Register
Drawing Wilderness
April 6- May 11
Saturdays Liesa Lietzke Get outside to Mt. Diablo and Mt. Tam and gain guided experience from an instructor regarding different drawing techniques and strategies for drawing outside. $295 Drawing Register
Environmental Installation
April 5- April 7
Friday + Saturday + Sunday Raheleh Minoosh Zomorodinia Create installations and artworks based on the pioneer and contemporary history of such movements including: earthworks, ephemeral works, site-specific installations, environmental art, and performance. Discussions will investigate social, cultural, political, and environmental issues. $295 New Genres Register
The Structured Accident
June 3- June 7
Monday-Friday Allison Miller The Structured Accident is a five day, eight hour per-day painting intensive intended for students with serious painting practices of their own. This course provides students the opportunity to open up their practice, push to experiment, and approach making paintings in new ways using risk-taking and chance within a rigorous conceptual structure. $750 Painting Register
Nibble: The Sense of Taste as an Artistic Medium
July 22- July 26
Monday-Friday Anna Novakov Immerse yourself in the artistic possibilities of taste as a medium for contemporary art. Students will explore the medium in a variety of applications while working towards an exhibition/event of scent-based work and e-catalogue. $245 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Sniff: The Sense of Smell as an Artistic Medium
July 15- July 19
Monday-Friday Anna Novakov Immerse yourself in the artistic possibilities of scent as a medium for contemporary art. Students will explore the medium in a variety of applications while working towards an exhibition/event of scent-based work and e-catalogue. $245 Artist-Driven Experience Register
New Genres Class
July 9- August 13
Tuesdays Yvette Dibos New Genres will introduce students to new contemporary art practices, specifically focused on installation, sound, video, and time-based media. This studio course will be an introduction to conceptual and technical explorations within new genres through studio projects, class discussions, presentations, and collaboration. $295 New Genres Register
Mind, Body, and Space
July 11- August 15
Thursdays Amy M. Ho This class will focus on art that examines our physical and psychological relationships to architecture and the environment. Weekly readings combined with brief lectures will serve as the basis for class discussion. Includes an off-campus field trip. $295 New Genres Register
Large-Scale Ink Drawing on Paper
June 19 - August 7
Wednesdays Alice Gould Experiment with ink and water using various brushes and tools applied to large-format rag paper. $385 Drawing Register
Drawing Studio Projects
June 5-August 7
Wednesdays Jacob Kincheloe Level up and challenge yourself technically and critically in this intermediate to advanced drawing course. Devise and produce 3 major projects over the course of 10 weeks. Weekly critiques, readings, and discussions will foster greater insight into historical and contemporary approaches to drawing. $480 Drawing Register
Head, Shoulders, Knees + Toes
June 25- August 13
Tuesdays Sarah Ammons Through a series of concentrated exercises, develop a series of work that isolates the body and focuses on investigating body proportion, gesture, movement, light and expression. $385 Drawing Register
Introduction to Painting
June 25-August 13
Tuesdays Kathy Sirico Cultivate an understanding of acrylic painting materials and techniques in this fundamental course. $385 Painting Register
Portrait Painting
June 12- July 31
Wednesdays Ingrid V. Wells Develop a series of three portraits using your own source material in this class tailored to the specific needs of participating students through an individual tutorial approach. $385 Painting Register
Narrative Painting
June 6 -August 15 No class July 4th
Thursdays Felicita Norris Examine intimate visual narratives as you make paintings centered on how human experience is remembered and transformed in this intermediate/advanced course for water-based painters. $480 Painting Register
Painting Today: Popular Culture and Visual Literacy
June 20-August 15 No class July 4th
Thursdays Lauren Jade Szabo Students will develop a series of paintings demonstrating traditional and contemporary approaches related to landscape and pop culture. $385 Painting Register
Using Your Photography and Art for Social Justice
June 6- July 18 No Class July 4th
Thursdays Ellen Jacob Explore ways to create photos and art for social good. Integrating varieties of disciplines and materials, find the best format for your story from traditional prints to murals, zines, books, and installations. Classes will include talks, critiques and studio time to create. $295 Photography Register
Time Control: Video Post-Production Intensive
July 10- August 14
Wednesdays Tessa Siddle This six week intensive will focus on building a familiarity with non-linear video editing software, editing theory, history, and technique. $295 Film Register
Portable Hypertrophic Structure
July 10-Aug 14
Wednesdays Marshall Elliott Challenge yourself by building big things that can collapse, store, fold, shrink, and then re-deploy on-demand. Students will investigate the history of space-modular sculpture, architecture, and design to further inform their projects. $295 Sculpture Register
Soft Geometry
June 20- August 15 No class July 4
Thursdays Alyssa Block Explore your brutal side and build sculptures with geometrically shaped slabs of clay while learning to manipulate clay and establish control over the drying process. $385 Ceramics Register
Handbuilt Ceramic Sculpture
June 5-July 24
Wednesdays Liesa Lietzke Ceramics as a sculpture medium: sharpen your handbuilding skills and gain new ones, while exploring the potential of clay for making amazing art. $385 Ceramics Register
Photographic Design and Composition
June 4- June 25
Tuesdays Victoria Mara Heilweil Learn how photographic design and composition strategies can be used successfully to strengthen the visual impact, originality and narrative in your photographs. $195 Photography Register
Abstraction Intensive in Oils
June 1-June 29
Saturdays Alice Gould Catapult yourself into abstract painting using oil paint on canvas. Students will have the opportunity to tackle a series of smaller works or challenge themselves at a larger scale for four weeks. $295 Painting Register
Black and White Photography
June 5- August 7
Wednesdays Dana Morrison Learn the wonders of black and white darkroom photography in SFAI’s iconic photography department. This course is for beginners to intermediate students to learn the basics of traditional film photography and darkroom printing. $515 (includes $35 materials fee) Photography Register
Origami Installations Weekend Intensive
Saturday, June 22- Sunday, June 23
1:00- 4:00pm
Saturday + Sunday Lauren Shapiro Create your own custom paper sculptures and mobiles with origami, wire and wood in this two-day intensive workshop. $100 Sculpture Register