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Late Summer + Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Painting in Time
July 3–August 7
Tuesday Tom Colcord Contemplate the 4th dimension in this painting course focused on how to convey duration, immediacy, and the element of time in your work as you complete a series of short exercises and an individual final painting. $295 Painting Register
Tree to Object: Simplified Woodworking for Sculpture
July 18–August 15
Wednesday Marshall Elliott Develop the skills to work with wood as a contemporary sculptural medium, focusing on the use of accessible hand tools and a range of wood types. $245 Sculpture Register
Photography Intensive: Idea-Generation + Image-Making
July 17–August 7
Tuesdays Daniel Melo Reinvigorate your current photographic approach with exposure to new assignments, new artists from around the world, new ideas, new approaches; each designed to get you making and thinking about photography differently. $195 Photography Register
Weekend Intensive: Print, Pattern + Textiles
August 4, 5, 11, 12
Saturday + Sunday Kaitlin Trataris Learn how to print on textiles using silkscreen printing methods while transforming your imagery into sculptural forms. $295 Printmaking Register
Personal Mythology in Painting: Weekend Painting Workshop
August 3–5
Friday–Sunday Soraya Sharghi Discover, shape, and express your personal mythology as you complete three projects in this themed painting course. $295 Painting Register
Chance Drawing + Sculpture: The Cracks and the Dice
September 11- October 9
7:30-10:30 pm
Tuesday Joanne Easton Through drawing and sculpture, explore methods of chance, randomness, and indeterminacy as a means of discovery. $295 Drawing, New Genres, Sculpture Register
Photoshop Basics
September 11- October 16
6:30- 9:30pm
Tuesdays Elisabeth Ajtay Learn how to manage image files, as well as how to remove, correct, and manipulate images in this class focused on gaining a deeper understanding of Photoshop. $295 Photography Register
Critical Symbology: Interdisciplinary Critique Seminar
September 18- October 23
6:30-9:30 pm
Tuesdays Eric Carson We see over a thousand images each day. How do we use them and how are we used by them? In this class we will investigate the ways symbol and imagery are used personally, commercially, and politically to convey meaning. You’ll create buddhist style mandalas, mock scientific diagrams, logo mutilations, and other beautiful paradoxes as we put image saturated culture to work for us. $295 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Video as an Expression of Self in the Environment
September 18- October 23
Tuesdays Raheleh Minoosh Zomorodinia Investigate the relationship between “Self” and the environment in this video installation course focused on personal identity. $295 Film Register
Creative Mixed-Media Still Life
October 16- November 20
Tuesdays Carey Lin Using colored pencil, collage, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic, learn still life basics and create mixed-media pieces based on colorful, dynamic compositions. $295 Drawing Register
Contemplative Drawing
September 12- November 28
Wednesdays Sarah Ammons Sync your hands with your eyes and practice contemplative drawing in this course focused on working from life, pattern, figure, and concept. $530 Drawing Register
Portrait Painting
September 12- December 5 no class November 21 due to Thanksgiving holiday
Wednesdays Ingrid V. Wells Develop a series of three portraits using your own source material in this class tailored to the specific needs of participating students through an individual tutorial approach. $530 Painting Register
Drawing Through Photographs
September 12- October 31
6:30-9:30 pm
Wednesdays Jacob Kincheloe Use photographic sources to create drawings as you explore both the technical and conceptual side of working from photos, including the strategies of various artists who follow the same practice. $385 Drawing Register
Personal Projects
September 12- October 10
Wednesdays Victoria Mara Heilweil Receive individualized feedback to move your personal photographic project forward and into the world in this course focused on developing strategies for maximum progress. $245 Photography Register
Welding 101
September 12- November 28
Wednesdays Tim Kopra Develop your basic metal skills to create a personal project with mild steel while gaining in-depth safety training and confidence in the metal shop. $530 Sculpture Register
Abstraction Concentration
September 19- November 7
Wednesdays Alice Gould Explore abstract painting as you experiment with brush choices, palette knives, color investigations, painting mediums and complete a series of works. $480 Painting Register
Outdoor Installation
October 17- December 5 no session November 21 due to Thanksgiving holiday
Wednesdays Annie Albagli Create site responsive work in this course focused on process and one’s relation to site from new vantage points. $345 Sculpture Register
Everyday Ceramics
October 3- November 7
Wednesdays Alyssa Block $295 Sculpture Register
Suspended Sculpture
October 3- October 31
Wednesdays Vanessa Gingold Consider the sculptural possibilities of the suspended object--inspired by Calder’s mobiles and contemporary design and installation--you will work with mixed media to create hanging sculptures and installations through playful experimentation. $195 Sculpture Register
Exploring Installation Art
September 13- November 15
Thursdays Amy M. Ho Discuss, explore, and create your own installation art as you learn of how artists address their surrounding environment through design and creation. $480 New Genres Register
Introduction to Oil Painting
September 13- December 6 (no session Nov 21 due to Thanksgiving)
Thursdays Robert Xavier Burden Oil painting fundamentals, such as drawing, brushwork, color theory, and the technical manipulation of paint will further your skills along with demonstrations, and exercises designed to encourage new ideas in a positive atmosphere as you complete three paintings during the course. $530 Painting Register
Advanced Photography Tutorial
September 13- December 6 no session November 22 due to Thanksgiving holiday
Thursdays Chris Grunder Receive focused feedback on your personal photography projects in this course with an intensive tutorial structure aimed at substantive individual progress. $530 Photography Register
Color + Context: Natural Dyes from the Local Landscape
September 20- November 8
Thursdays Rebecca Foster This class will explore the natural landscape as material as you create natural dyes, inks, and watercolors from locally-sourced plants and vegetables to use in your practice. $385 Artist-Driven Experience, Printmaking Register
Artists’ Books: Voices and Visions
September 8 - October 20th no class October 6
Saturdays Ariel Hansen Strong Explore the artist's book as a vehicle for voice and creative vision while learning a variety of printmaking and bookbinding techniques. $315 Printmaking Register
Advanced Painting Lab + Seminar
September 8- November 3 no class October 6
Saturdays Felicita Norris This advanced painting course is designed to help you develop an individual aesthetic based on conceptual prompts that will be used to enhance critical and conceptual thinking and to help you be able to defend your ideas in a critique setting. $385 Painting Register
Creative Lighting Techniques
September 15- October 20
Saturdays Alex Peterson Learn how to properly set up and operate a variety of strobes, lighting modifiers, continuous lighting, mixed lighting sources, and natural light for use in portraits, still life, and product photography. $295 Photography Register
Printmaking with Botanicals: Layered Compositions
September 22- November 3 no class October 6
Saturdays Rebecca Rippon Use plants directly in the process of building an image in multiple printmaking disciplines including screenprinting, etching, and monotypes in this course emphasizing experimentation. $295 Printmaking Register
Introduction to Figure Drawing
September 29- November 3
Saturdays Ignacio Rojas Gain a heightened understanding of the relationships between the body’s various parts and features through focused observation in order to further inform, investigate, and grow individual studio practices. $295 Drawing Register