Public Education Courses

Summer Course Details and FAQs

Public Education is now offering our summer course schedule online. Please read additional details below regarding our summer offerings. 

We will keep students informed as soon as we know more.

  • Courses will begin online, with the opportunity to meet in person or by appointment—dependent on the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. This includes use of the woodshop and metalshop. 
  • Instructors and students will have the flexibility to make any necessary adjustments to meeting times. Class hours include studio hours and the instructor’s office hours. This will be discussed in more detail at your first course meeting.

Deepen your practice through course instruction that complements and enhances skills, knowledge, and concept.

View our current course offerings below. Our course table is sortable by medium, price, day of the week, faculty name, and course title to help you find what you are looking for. Trying to locate a specific class? Use the search bar below to type in keywords.

Courses fill on a first-come, first-serve basis. Early registration is recommended.

Course schedules are posted a month prior to the registration start date.

SPRING 2019 
Registration opens Dec 1, 2019
Courses run late Jan–Apr

Registration opens May 1, 2020
Courses run Jun–Aug

FALL 2020
Registration opens July 1, 2020
Courses run Sep–early Dec

Summer 2020 Course Schedule

Portrait Painting (Online)
July 2- August 20
Thursdays Ingrid V. Wells Develop a series of three portraits using your own source material while at home, tailored to the specific needs of participating students through an individual tutorial approach. $385 Painting Register
Institutional Garbage: At Work in the Archive (Online)
July 14- August 18
Tuesdays Sean Dickerson Waste away with art practices that have exploited or engaged in archival excess, cults of the ephemeral, trash as resource, or dustbin histories. $295 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Strike While the Ink is Hot: Political Printmaking
July 22- August 19
Wednesdays Kate Laster This online lecture class dive into the radical history of political printmaking focusing on artists of color, womxn and queer activists. $245 Printmaking Register
Expanded Collage (Online)
July 22 -August 12
Wednesdays Connie Zheng Challenge yourself to experiment with scale and a variety of materials in this experimental collage class. $195 Drawing, Painting Register
All This. And Nothing
June 18- July 23
Thursdays Jaimie Healy This course is for students wishing to explore their practice through a variety of experimental forms. The class will include group discussions, field trips, performances, and a final project. $295 New Genres Register
Reality TV is My Family (Online)
June 30- August 4
Tuesdays Jordan Holms Through discussions, lectures, readings, and “viewing parties” we will unpack the allure of reality television and theorize about the role it might play in today’s zeitgeist. $295 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Graphic Ceramic (Hybrid)
June 26-July 12 (No session July 3-9)
Friday - Sunday Alyssa Block Learn all the basics of hand-building ceramic objects and ‘painting’ with glaze. Students of any skill level are welcome to apply. $295 Ceramics Register
Personal Mythology in the Age of Social Distancing (Online)
July 1- August 5
Wednesday Mara Ramiriez Investigate your own personal mythology in an unprecedented time through self-portraiture, visual journaling, and storytelling. $295 Drawing Register
Contemplative Drawing (Online)
June 30- August 11
Tuesdays Sarah Ammons Sync your hand with your eye and practice contemplative drawing in this course focused on working from life, pattern, figure, and concept. $385 Drawing Register
Introduction to Drawing (Online)
June 30- August 4
Tuesdays Emily McPeek This class will provide a comprehensive understanding of various techniques in drawing as well as methods on how to conceptually approach it. $295 Drawing Register
Notebook as Studio (Online)
July 22- August 12
Wednesdays Kate Laster In this workshop we will explore the many modes of image making through keeping a sketchbook. Students will work in dry and wet medium, acquiring skills to draw from life and imagination. $195 Drawing Register
Contemporary Plein Air Painting
July 18- August 8
Saturdays Lauren Jade Szabo Take your painting practice outside and investigate today's natural, urban, and hybridized landscape within approaches of contemporary painting from observation. $385 Painting Register
Inhabited Spaces: Abstraction and the Built Environment (Online)
June 29- August 3
6:00- 9:00pm
Mondays Jordan Holms This course will grapple with our fraught relationship to the built environment through painting. Employing abstraction as a primary methodology, we will examine how different spaces are materialized, organized, and made to mean. $295 Painting Register
Darkroom Film Photography (Hybrid)
July 1- August 19
Wednesdays Alex Peterson Learn the wonders of black and white darkroom photography in SFAI’s iconic photography department. This course is for beginners to intermediate students to learn the basics of traditional film photography and darkroom printing. $385 Photography Register
Simplified Metalworking for Sculpture (Online)
July 8- August 12
Wednesdays Marshall Elliott Explore the qualities of metal as a medium for constructing sculptural objects and expand on the possibilities of creative freedom with this material. $295 Sculpture Register
InIntro to Found Object Sculpture: Resourceful Making (Online)
July 16 - August 20
6:00pm -9:00pm
Thursdays Sherwin Rio This course will provide students the foundational knowledge, historical study, technical skills, and building experience to create found object sculpture, assemblages, readymades, and sculpture that includes repurposed common place items found locally. $295 Sculpture Register
Soft Sculptures and Creatures (Online)
July 15- August 19
Wednesdays Cristina Velázquez Engage your creative side in 3D object making and immerse yourself in creating amorphous shapes and objects made of stuffed fabric material. $295 Sculpture Register
Online Writing for Artists (Online)
July 13- August 17
Mondays Kathy Sirico Writing for Artists will help you develop confidence in your writing skills. This course will focus on improving your technical and professional skill sets, while also considering writing as a process for idea development. $295 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Horizons of the Metaverse (Online)
July 1- July 22
Wednesdays Judit Navratil + Beatriz Escobar Experiment with working with a VR space and combining multiple media to push the boundaries of embodied practices and digital art. $195 Art & Technology Register
Narrative Painting (Online)
July 10- August 27
Fridays Felicita Norris Examine intimate visual narratives as you make paintings centered on how human experience is remembered and transformed in this intermediate/advanced course for water-based painters. $385 Painting Register
Get Experimental with Photo Transfers (Online Intensive)
July 18- 26
Saturday + Sunday Beth Davila Waldman This class will introduce students to a non-toxic photo transfer method using their own photography and encourage exploration with material and other media. $195 Photography Register
Advanced Drawing (Online)
July 2- August 20
6:30- 9:30pm
Thursdays Tom Colcord The artists in this class will be tasked to utilize drawing to not only expand on skills, but to build on who they are as conceptual artists. $385 Drawing Register
A Dialogue: Image & Paint (Online Intensive)
July 6 -10
Monday- Friday Beth Davila Waldman Using paint and photographic images, we look at how the dialogue between them can result in powerful new mixed media works. $250 Painting, Photography Register
Paint at Home with Food (Online)
July 24-August 1
Friday + Saturday Cristina Velázquez Coffee, black tea, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and more will serve as your paint to illustrate still-life and other expressive explorations at home. $195 Painting Register
Online High School Expressive Figure Drawing (Non-Credit)
June 29- July 29
Monday + Wednesday Felicita Norris Learn to tell stories, communicate visually, and imagine new worlds through large- and small-scale drawings working from models and beyond. This course has been adapted to be delivered online. $385 Drawing Register
Online High School Painting + Permutations (Non-credit)
June 30- July 30
Tuesday + Thursday Katie Curry Emphasize originality and craftsmanship in your painting as you bring your ideas to light. This course has been modified to be delivered online. $385 Painting Register
Modern Art History: Women and POC (Online)
July 1- August 5
Wednesdays Liesa Lietzke This course attempts to restore the legacy of overlooked nonwhite artists and female artists of the 20th Century in Europe and America. $295 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Photographic Design and Composition (Online)
July 28- August 13
Tuesdays + Thursdays Victoria Mara Heilweil Learn how photographic design and composition strategies can be used successfully to strengthen the visual impact, originality and narrative in your photographs. $195 Photography Register
Introduction to DIY Filmmaking (Online)
July 29- August 19
Wednesdays Tessa Siddle Immerse yourself in this introductory course to DIY video and filmmaking practices. $195 Film, New Genres Register
Drawing Botanicals Intensive (Online Intensive)
July 24- July 27
Friday-Monday Sarah Ammons This weekend intensive class is designed to help you slow down and look closely at the tiny marvels of nature. Using Right Brain, observational drawing techniques we will be drawing flowers, house plants, fruit and vegetables from home. $195 Drawing, Painting Register
An Introduction to Sound Art (Online)
June 18 - July 23
Thursdays Marc Manning This course will provide students with an overview of sound art. The focus will be on the history of the medium through listening and discussion of important pieces. $295 New Genres Register
Between a Rock and a Flat Screen (Online)
June 24- July 29
Wednesdays Irene Carvajal Explore traditional printmaking processes such as relief and screen printing. $295 Printmaking Register
Plein Air “Window” Painting Workshop
June 27 - 28
10:00am -1:00pm
Saturday + Sunday Felicita Norris Using acrylic or oil paint, capture your view of the world from the inside out... $110 Painting Register
Introduction to Color Theory (Online Intensive)
July 17- July 19
Friday- Sunday Rebecca Kaufman In this 3 day intensive, we will explore the basics of color theory in acrylic painting. $150 Painting Register
Introduction to San Francisco’s Contemporary Art Scene
Please see description for specific dates
Selected Thursdays + Saturdays Katherine Vetne A beginner’s guide to the people and organizations that make up contemporary art in San Francisco. Meet artists, dealers, curators, and more! $210 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Mono-printmaking ‘Imprints’ (Online)
July 20- 24
Monday- Friday Tobias Fifield Make impression imprints from found textures with relief mono-printmaking into Abstract Two-Tone Relief Mono-Prints. $245 Printmaking Register
Digital Media Compositions (Online)
July 21 - August 11
Tuesdays Nancy Jones Create visual representations of moods and learn visual literacy with media imagery. $$195 Artist-Driven Experience, Photography Register