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SPRING 2019 
Registration opens Dec 1, 2018
Courses run late Jan–Apr

Registration opens Apr 1, 2019
Courses run Jun–Aug

FALL 2019
Registration opens July 1
Courses run Sep–early Dec

Fall 2019 Course Schedule

Modern Art History: Women And POC
September 5- September 26
Thursdays Liesa Lietzke This course attempts to restore the legacy of overlooked nonwhite artist and female artist of the 20th Century in Europe and America. $195 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Woven Forms: Between Painting And Sculpture
October 16-November 20
Wednesdays Vanessa Gingold You will work at the intersection of painting, sculpture, and craft to build sculptures and reliefs. We will consider how color and surface interact with sculptural forms. $295 Painting, Sculpture Register
Rapid Ideation
September 19-October 10
Thursdays Tim Kopra You will work at the intersection of painting, sculpture, and craft to build sculptures and reliefs. We will consider how color and surface interact with sculptural forms. $195 Sculpture Register
Tree to Object: Practical Woodworking for Sculpture
September 28- November 16
Saturdays Tim Kopra Develop the skills to work with wood as a contemporary sculptural medium, focusing on the use of accessible hand tools and a range of wood types. $385 Sculpture Register
Media for Performance/Performing for Media
October 10- November 14
Thursdays Tessa Siddle A class about bringing performance based practices into digital spaces and incorporating media into live performance. $295 New Genres Register
Experimental Still Life
October 9–October 30
Wednesdays Carey Lin Work from a new, unique still life arrangement each week and produce a variety of still life drawings, paintings and collages on paper. $195 Drawing Register
Drawing Through Photographs
September 25- November 27
Wednesdays Jacob Kincheloe Use photographic sources to create drawings as you explore both the technical and conceptual side of working from photos, including the strategies of various artists who follow the same practice. $480 Drawing Register
Narrative Drawing- Telling Stories with our Bodies
October 1- October 24
Tuesday + Thursday Megan Ramiriez Where does memory live? In our bodies? In our brains? We will examine intimate visual narratives as you make drawings centered on how human experience is remembered and transformed through meditative observational drawings and spontaneous image making. $385 Drawing Register
Introduction to Oil Painting
September 17- December 3
Tuesdays Robert Xavier Burden Oil painting fundamentals, such as drawing, brushwork, color theory, and the technical manipulation of paint will further your skills along with demonstrations and exercises designed to encourage new ideas in a positive atmosphere as you complete three paintings during the course. $530 Painting Register
Alla Prima Paint-Off
October 9- December 11
Wednesdays Ingrid V. Wells Challenge yourself to quickly make decisions and develop a whole new body of work by painting one oil painting each class session. Class discussions and group critiques will also help to advance your painting practice. $480 Painting Register
Contemporary Landscape Painting
October 26 - December 7 (No class November 30th)
Saturdays Lauren Jade Szabo Through hands on demonstrations, studio practice, and one-on-one tutoring, students will investigate the natural, urban, and hybridized landscape within approaches of contemporary painting. $295 Painting Register
Advanced Acrylic Techniques
September 26- November 7 (No class October 31)
Thursdays Tom Colcord This course will focus on the formal aspects of painting while allowing students to maintain their own unique styles and conceptual interests. $295 Painting Register
The Web, The Book, and the Wall: Exhibition Strategies
September 26- November 21 (No class October 31)
Thursdays Ward Long Want your pictures to look great whether they’re on the wall, in a book, or on your phone? In this class we’ll survey lots contemporary presentation practices, discuss how the sensory experience of an artwork guides our thinking about that work, and give you the practical and critical tools to present your work at its best. $385 Photography Register
The Ordinary, the Mundane + the Banal
September 28-October 19
Saturdays Victoria Mara Heilweil Monumentalize the ordinary as you look closely to transform the mundane using the photographic image. $195 Photography Register
Photographing People
September 24-November 26
Tuesdays Zack Sumner Schom By exploring portraiture in both formal and non-traditional portrait settings, we can learn to see our fellow humans through a fresh lens. From controlled spaces to environmental portraits, we will explore the history of portraiture and ways pictures of people changes based on context and intention. $480 Photography Register
Photographic Metaphors and Visual Storytelling
October 26 -27 and November 2- November 3
Saturday- Sunday Ellen Jacob Deepen your understanding of what a visual metaphor is and how to use the power of metaphor to tell stories in your photography, transforming your pictures from documentation to poetry. This intensive includes talks, discussions, photography sessions, and critiques. $195 Photography Register
Photographic Explosion
October 22- November 19
Tuesdays Daniel Melo Feeling stale in your photographic practice? Looking to spark something new and fresh? This course will lead you into making photographs in new ways while also exploring contemporary artists from around the world. $245 Photography Register
Experimental Monotype Printing
October 19- December 7
Saturdays Rebecca Rippon Try out the many possibilities with the monotype printmaking technique in this course which will include print demonstrations, studio time, and a focus on experimentation. $400 Printmaking Register
Publishing as an Artistic Practice
October 23-November 20
Wednesdays Alex Arzt Develop a studio practice in publishing and book making. Through demonstrations and assignments students will cover design, printing, binding, and finishing techniques in the creation and construction of printed matter related to students’ practices. $245 Photography Register
Glazed and Confused: Intro to Ceramics
September 25- October 30
Wednesdays Christopher Squier This course provides an introduction to the exciting sculptural possibilities of ceramics. Emphasis will be placed on the fundamental techniques, from initial concept sketches through a variety of hand-building and wheel-throwing processes. $295 Ceramics Register
Allegory and Still Life Painting
September 23- December 9 (No class October 14 + November 11)
Mondays Ben Cornish A technical and conceptual study of traditional still life painting and allegory. Why do objects mean something to us? How can we arrange and paint still lives to reflect and even elevate that meaning? The instructor will lead discussions of the potent symbols in art history as well as making idiosyncratic tableaus and facilitate group discussions, peer critique, painting time, and one on one guidance. $480 Painting Register
Screenprinting with Hand-Drawn Stencils
October 15- November 19
Tuesdays Steph Kudisch Incorporate your love of drawing into printmaking! This course will provide an introduction to fundamental screenprinting techniques focusing on hand drawn stencils. $295 Printmaking Register
2-D Materials Exploration
October 2- November 20
Wednesdays Alice Gould Explore the characters and properties of a handful of classic artist’s materials and find out which ones suit you best! $385 Drawing, Painting Register
In a Flash: Tattooing in America
October 1- November 19
Tuesdays Barnaby Williams Gain an understanding of modern tattoo design. Draw, paint, and create your own “flash” tattoo while immersiving yourself in the history of tattoing in America. $350 Drawing, Painting Register