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SPRING 2019 
Registration opens Dec 1, 2018
Courses run late Jan–Apr

Registration opens Apr 1, 2019
Courses run Jun–Aug

FALL 2019
Courses run Sep–early Dec

Spring 2019 Course Schedule

Advanced Photography Tutorial
January 29- April 23 No class March 19
Tuesday Chris Grunder Receive focused feedback on your personal photography projects in this course with an intensive tutorial structure aimed at substantive individual progress. $530 Photography Register
Introduction to Oil Painting
January 29- April 23 No class March 19
Tuesday Robert Xavier Burden Oil painting fundamentals, such as drawing, brushwork, color theory, and the technical manipulation of paint will further your skills along with demonstrations, and exercises designed to encourage new ideas in a positive atmosphere as you complete three paintings during the course. $530 Painting Register
Contemplative Drawing
February 5- April 16 No class February 26
Tuesday Sarah Ammons Sync your hands with your eyes and practice contemplative drawing in this course focused on working from life, pattern, figure, and concept. $480 Drawing Register
Exploring Digital Photography
February 9- April 2 No class March 19
Tuesday Dana Morrison Get the most out of your digital camera in this introductory course focused on camera operations, basic editing skills in Adobe Photoshop, as well as cultivating your personal photographic voice. $295 Photography Register
Digitized Practice
February 26- April 9 No class March 19
Tuesday Yvette Dibos This course will reflect how artist have used various technologies in their work since the 1960s. Incorporating a diverse range of time-based media artworks as well as video editing systems, students will explore digital fluidity and the impact of digital work on one’s art practice. $295 Art & Technology Register
Graphic Ceramics
February 26- April 16
Tuesday Alyssa Block Investigate the relationship between form, narrative, and design as you create a three-item collection of three-dimensional ceramic forms. Group discussions and demonstrations will support students in their exploration and contemporary application of the materials. $385 Ceramics Register
Creating Miniature Spaces
March 26- April 6
Tuesday Amy M. Ho Experiment working in miniature and create your own diorama or miniature space while learning the importance of scale. $295 New Genres Register
Color Theory and Symbolism in Photography
February 16- March 16
Saturday Victoria Mara Heilweil Hone your understanding and utilization of color in photography through this four-session class focused on discussion, lecture, and in-class exercises. $245 Photography Register
W*AH (Womxn* Art Handlers) Workshops
February 6, March 6, April 3, May 1
Wednesdays Kat Trataris + Marcela Pardo Ariza Join in on a series of workshops based in basic tool and woodworking techniques with a special focus on preparator and fabricator skills sets. $FREE Artist-Driven Experience Register
The Masterpiece
February 6- May 1 No class March 20
Wednesdays Ingrid V. Wells Immerse yourself into the painting process and challenge yourself into completing one painting from beginning to end. Students will receive guided instruction conceptually and technically as their painting transforms over a twelve-week period. $530 Painting Register
Fifty Faces
February 27- May 1 No class March 20
Wednesdays Jacob Kincheloe Over eight weeks, using in and out-of-class work time, students will complete a series of 50 drawings of heads (human, animal, fantastical—the sky's the limit). The goal is to move towards technical mastery through practice and repetition. $385 Drawing Register
The Handmade Photobook
March 6- April 7 No class March 21
Wednesdays Ward Long Make a photobook by hand that deepens the experience of engaging with your pictures, as you learn more about editing, sequencing, storytelling, and various binding techniques. $295 Photography Register
Arrangements: Cabinets, Boxes + Tableaux
March 6- April 24
Wednesdays Joanne Easton Create sculptures and make arrangements to explore objects’ interrelationships as you are inspired by the work of David Ireland, Joseph Beuys, Stephanie Syjuco, Lindsey White, and more. $385 Sculpture Register
Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Documenting Your Work
March 13- May 1
Wednesdays Alex Arzt In this course, learn how to accurately and professionally photograph your work in a variety of settings for use in online portfolios, applications, and personal archives. This course emphasizes camera use, lighting techniques, color correction, and retouching workflows so that you can utilize this skillset successfully throughout your career in the arts. $295 Photography Register
Narrative Painting
January 31- April 25 No class March 21
Thursday Felicita Norris Examine intimate visual narratives as you make paintings centered on how human experience is remembered and transformed in this intermediate/advanced course for water-based painters. $530 Painting Register
Large Scale Experimental Drawing
February 7- April 4 No class March 21
Thursday Kathy Sirico Work gesturally and experimentally as we explore the use of ink and mixed media on large-scale paper. $385 Drawing Register
Introduction to Oil Painting II
February 14- April 11 No class March 21
Thursday Robert Xavier Burden Oil painting fundamentals, such as drawing, brushwork, color theory, and the technical manipulation of paint will further your skills along with demonstrations and exercises designed to encourage new ideas in a positive atmosphere as you complete three paintings during the course. $385 Painting Register
Monstrous Bodies
February 14- April 25 No class March 21
Thursday Tessa Siddle Looking at examples from contemporary art, mythology, folklore, and pop-culture we will consider how hybrids, cyborgs, zombies, vampires, and aliens have been deployed to embody social anxieties and investigate various efforts to reclaim the monstrous. $480 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Intermediate Figure Drawing
February 21- April 18 No class March 21
Thursday Xiao Wang Investigate conceptual aspects of figure drawing as you strengthen your technical skills, and gain insight into your personal artistic voice. $385 Drawing Register
Multiples: Introduction to Casting
February 9- April 13
Saturday Tim Kopra Dig into what it takes to replicate objects and forms. Investigate the many ways this technique has been used from contemporary art practices to industrial use. Work with skin safe material to produce life casts, plaster and silicone to cast your favorite objects. $480 Sculpture Register
Creating Environmental Soundscapes
February 16- March 23
Saturday Hugh Livingston Constructing soundscapes from found sounds in urban environments, the class will investigate ways to compose experiences that adapt and respond to the environment. Students will have the opportunity to discover field recording techniques with handheld devices as well as learn audio editing techniques to complete a composition. $295 New Genres Register
Experimental Monotype Printing
March 2- April 6
Saturday Rebecca Rippon Try out the many exciting possibilities with the monotype printmaking technique in six sessions that will include print demonstrations, studio time, and a focus on experimentation. $295 Printmaking Register
Idea Generation + Practice Development
March 2- April 6
Saturday Daniel Melo Reinvigorate your current photographic approach with exposure to new assignments, new artists from around the world, and new approaches while working on your already existing project throughout the course $295 Artist-Driven Experience, Photography Register
Drawing Wilderness
April 6- April 28
Saturday + Sunday Liesa Liezke Get outside to Mt. Diablo and Mt. Tam and gain guided experience from an instructor regarding different drawing techniques and strategies for drawing outside. $295 Drawing Register
Professional Photographic Practices
March 16- March 21
Monday-Thursday Rafael Soldi How do we sustain ourselves financially and fund our fine art practice? Through guided discussions, discover different art survival techniques and gain the tools necessary to develop yourself professionally as an artist. $195 Artist-Driven Experience, Photography Register
Environmental Installation
April 5- April 7
Friday + Saturday + Sunday Raheleh Minoosh Zomorodinia Create installations and artworks based on the pioneer and contemporary history of such movements including: earthworks, ephemeral works, site-specific installations, environmental art, and performance. Discussions will investigate social, cultural, political, and environmental issues. $295 New Genres Register
The Structured Accident
January 14- January 18, March 18- March 22
Monday-Friday Allison Miller The Structured Accident is a five day, eight hour per-day painting intensive intended for students with serious painting practices of their own. This course provides students the opportunity to open up their practice, push to experiment, and approach making paintings in new ways using risk-taking and chance within a rigorous conceptual structure. $750 Painting Register
New Genres Class
February 13- April 10 No class March 20
Wednesdays Makia Sharp New Genres will introduce students to new contemporary art practices, specifically focused on installation, sound, video, and time-based media. This studio course will be an introduction to conceptual and technical explorations within new genres through studio projects, class discussions, presentations, and collaboration. $385 New Genres Register
Daily Echoes
February 7- May 2
Thursday Izidora Leber Daily Echoes is a video essay class that will be accompanied by critical theory and art history lectures and readings. We will dive into the notion of the echo as a means to transmit and contextualize your perceptions and reflections of daily experiences yet critically examine the documentary. The class will culminate in a finished personal video essay. The time will be spent between lectures, readings, video editing and in class critiques. At the end of the class, we will host a public screening on SFAI’s historic campus. $530 Film Register
Recalling Home: Painting and the Domestic Narrative
February 23- April 27
Saturday Felicita Norris This course will explore ideas about the domestic, “home” and family using psychology and emotion as impetus to create and resolve a final “mini-series” of paintings surrounding this theme. $480 Painting Register
SFAI Alumni Critique Group
February 13, 2019, March 13, 2019, April 17, 2019
Wednesdays Caitlin Petersen Immerse yourself once again in the SFAI community by attending this exclusive critique group just for SFAI alumni. This course is designed as an opportunity to grain critical feedback from practicing artist just like you in the Bay Area. $Free for SFAI Alum Register