PreCollege offers a diverse and introductory course of study comparable to that of a first-year BFA student.

With an innovative curriculum and a commitment to hands-on learning and active dialogue, SFAI fosters an authentic artistic community engaged in interdisciplinary thinking and contemporary studio practice. PreCollege offers a diverse and introductory course of study comparable to that of a first-year BFA student. Students pick two different courses (morning and afternoon) that meet Monday through Thursday. Friday academic activities, studio hours, and exploratory workshops enhance the studio curriculum.


Morning Courses

Afternoon Courses

Student Campus Schedule
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesday and Thursday

Fridays in Focus

An exciting range of workshops and activities fill Fridays at PreCollege. Meet new people, work with faculty, and explore the Bay Area. Friday morning and afternoon activities are required for PreCollege students—you wouldn’t want to miss them anyway—in addition to classes and studio time.


Attendance in all Friday sessions is mandatory. If you choose to withdraw from PreCollege early without attending the final exhibition you will not receive program credit.

Friday Workshops

Friday, June 21 + 28 | 9:30am–12:30pm
Friday Workshops introduce new mediums and methods of creativity. These three-hour intensives allow you to interact with SFAI faculty and discover new ideas and practices to enhance your own work.

Workshop topics may include:

  • Real-Life Comics
  • Portfolio Development (led by SFAI Admissions team)
  • Darkroom Film Processing
  • Screenprinting T-shirts
  • Image Transfer Techniques
  • Creating Moving Images from Digital Photography
  • Cyanotypes

Art In Context

Friday, June 21 + 28 | 1:30–4:30pm
Friday afternoons at PreCollege are all about engaging with the local art community and your peers. See what the Bay Area’s museums have to offer and find new artists to inspire your practice.

  • Friday, June 21– Visit the largest contemporary art museum in San Francisco, SFMOMA, home to groundbreaking special exhibitions, as well as a world-renowned collection of celebrated artists from the past century.
  • Friday, June 28 – Visit the progressive and multidisciplinary Oakland Museum of California which houses almost 2 million objects including seminal art works, historical artifacts, ethnographic objects, natural specimens, and photographs—that have shaped California’s character and identity.

Final Exhibition

Friday, July 12
You will meet with your studio courses on Friday, July 13 for exhibition preparations and final critique. Then, show off all the work you’ve produced in PreCollege and share your accomplishments with friends, family, and the public in a culminating campus-wide final exhibition.

For families and friends, we’ll kick things off at 3:30 pm with a screening of projects from the Performance and Video Art, and Experimental Cinema courses, followed by a campus-wide exhibition from 4:30­–6:30 pm.

Evening Studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays | 4:30–6:30pm
Commitment to the creative process is integral at PreCollege. The required Evening Studio allows you to practice making work independently and is a fruitful time for collaboration and peer support. Studios, equipment, and campus resources are available throughout the week, and students should expect to commit approximately ten hours per week—including the required studio hours—to thoroughly develop and complete projects.

“The SFAI precollege program has not only allowed me to explore aspects of art I otherwise would not have, but I have been exposed to the kindest group of people, both staff and students. Being fully emerged in a world of creativity has allowed for me to develop a practice and understanding that is both unique and efficient. ”

Leyla Ba
Ketchum, ID