SFAI is now offering 3-college credit courses for high school students. 

All courses will be taught online.
Please see the Summer 2021 course listing below.

Expressive Figure Drawing: Theory & Practice (3 Credits)

Felicita Norris

Monday - Friday | 10:00am-1:00pm (PDT)

July 6 - 30, 2021

Online | No Prerequisite | $1500

The main focus of the studio portion of this course is to uphold traditional drawing methods, while also exploring materials and content, using the figure as subject. Beginning with work from the skeleton and models, students will uncover the nuances of composition, line, value and scale in relation to the figure. Later, students will look to drawing as an experiential gateway to explore broader conceptual frameworks in a personal project. There will also be a historical/theoretical components to this course, in which students are required to complete a written paper that ties their summer studio practice to their research.

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Copy That! Making Prints and Thinking About it (3 Credits)

Irene Carvajal

Monday - Friday | 9:00am-12:00pm (PDT)

July 6 - 30, 2021

Online | No Prerequisite | $1500

Printmaking is inherently generative. It allows us transformation without loosing the possibility of returning to the original, freedom to freeze a moment, explore multiple possibilities at once. It gives us a vehicle by which to visually manifest an echo, an utterance, a ghost.

Beginning with physical print making processes that involve the material world—a world of chemistry, pressure, contact, texture, surfaces, inks, strength—students will start their investigations. With the use of digital technologies we will further explore ideas of the trace, the mirage, the echo, the immaterial world.

This is a hybrid course, a combination of art making and theory. Students will create using both traditional and digital processes as well as participate in readings and discussions. Classes will range from demos, studio time, to presentations, videos, group and one-on-one critique.

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Narrative Painting Studio + Art History (3 Credits)

Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton

Monday - Friday | 1:00pm-4:00pm (PDT)

July 6 - 30, 2021

Online | No Prerequisite | $1500

Both contemporary and art historical narrative painting propose meaning across a broad and complex range of possibilities. Issues of contemporary culture, fantasy, politics, celebrity, personal mythology and lived experience all inform current narrative painting practices, while inextricable ties connect these works to this strongest of all threads in art history. With a concrete source of interest in your own life as a starting point for subject matter/content, we’ll work to build/solidify technical competence and look at narrative painting across time for background and inspiration. Three short pieces of writing will be required.

Working entirely from your imagination will not be permitted- you must use some observational reference. Observation from life is a possibility (e.g. a selection of meaningful personal objects) but most students will find photographs (as well as other kinds of images) useful as reference. Be prepared to spend time outside of class planning your project and pulling together the source material you will need.

(BTW: using photos (and other visual references) does not mean your style of representation must necessarily be super ‘realistic’- though of course it can be.)

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Gallery: Student Work

Check out this video made from footage shot by PreCollege students!