Camila de Andrade Bianchi
My art consists of installations, sounds, sculptures, and performances, which I use to observe, understand, and express political ideas and socio-political beliefs. As a Brazilian artist, I am concerned about prevailing ideologies and narratives that, throughout modern Brazilian history, have led to the popular support of autocratic leaders. I am also interested in how autocratic leaders build power by creating amnesiac conditions among social groups.
Using various media and readymades, I position visual references foundational to Brazilian social consciousness as a way to create access points for Brazilian audiences to reflect on their own political systems, and to educate audiences abroad about Brazil. I am interested in creating artworks that reveal the underlying institutional processes and ideologies that dominate Brazilian politics. Simultaneously, within the context of Brazil, I also attempt to leverage nostalgic objects and sensory experiences to reconstitute public memories that are subjugated by the government. By jogging memories, I hope to encourage Brazilians to think critically about the institutionalized beliefs and values that define their government, and to increase their accountability as citizens of a democratic republic.
Hands are Washed, 2021
In the series Hands are Washed, I am interested in memory as an essential tool for sustaining narratives, where sculptures operate as memory objects in a retrospective of the Brazilian scenario throughout the pandemic.
Inside a membrane of soap, objects recall destructive administrative measures adopted by the Brazilian Federal Government, through which, past events are transformed into physical entities to materialize memory, reveal distorted narratives, and further analyze the religious-political narrative that empowers the Brazilian President as the supposed Messiah of the country.
Hyper doom, 2021
Hyper Doom is a virtual interaction inspired by the influence of electronic media in the rise and fall of social movements. The work features an excerpt of inflamed political rhetoric utilized by Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro during the inauguration of his government. Using generative computer algorithms to rearrange phrases of Bolsonaro's speech, both new discourses and meanings are created. Observations of the President's language, presented in various orders and relationships across time, provide audiences with the opportunity to critically reflect on his, often taken-for-granted rhetoric.
Throughout the virtual experience, viewers are exposed to sounds that include the reconfigured rhetorics of Bolsonaro while LED screens randomly display fragments of his speech. The screens are reflections on both the invasive nature and disciplining power of mass media, as well as the tendency for political entities to use mediating technologies as a tool to create and transmit messages and simulations that determine and distort our sense of reality.