My work considers the human experience and our collective narratives as a species. Inspired by my emotions, physical surroundings, and common objects, I aim to emphasize the curiosity of the ordinary within my artistic practice.
I often incorporate real stories and interactions with individuals I meet into my works, hoping to enhance my art through raw emotion and unfamiliar perspectives. I collect stories that people recount to me, weaving these found narratives into my imagery. Fascinated by the mundane, I frequently reference common objects in my art. Through the image-making process, I explore the significance of these familiar, everyday objects within my life.
I investigate ways to evoke emotional responses in my viewer. In each work, I emphasize concepts rooted in contemporary social concerns and ordinary, daily experiences. I often incorporate three of the five senses - sight, hearing, touch - in my art, exploring the way these traits enhance viewers’ emotional reactions to the art. I am interested in prompting dialogues between the artist and the work, the artist and him/herself, and the artist and the viewer. Broadly, my practice examines the role of art as a mechanism for communication, and the way our shared experiences inspire conversations about the stories that connect us.
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Zeming 'Alex' Dai