Elections 2020

Let Your Voice Be Heard + Special Coverage and Town Hall with Tony Labat and Matt Gonzalez


Special Coverage and Town Hall features Matt Gonzalez and Tony Labat in live virtual conversation with special guests and YOU, discussing the issues and ongoing results of the 2020 US Presidential Election as well as local ballot measures.


Matt Gonzalez is the Chief Attorney in the San Francisco Public Defender's Office. He previously served as president of the SF Board of Supervisors and in 2004 taught a course in Art & Politics at SFAI. He has written widely on the subjects of art, politics, and law. Tony Labat: Tony Labat was born in Cuba and came to the United States at the age of 15 in 1966. He has exhibited internationally over the last 30 years.

Tony Labat has received numerous awards and grants and his work is in many private and public collections. Labat has developed a body of work in Performance, Video, Sculpture and Installation. His work has dealt with and continues his investigations with the body, popular culture, identity, urban relations, politics, and the media.


Let Your Voice Be Heard is a crowd-sourced collection of videos and photos where people (like you) express themselves about issues that matter to them, curated by Tony Labat.


Joseph Simmons
Irene Carvajal
Ammar al-Beik
Antoinette Wysocki Sanchez
Jordan Essoe
Kim Keown
Linsey Wallace
Zoe Phillips
Doug Hall
Walt Ohnesorge
Sandra Ramos
Paul Cartier
Michael Swaine
Maria Dawn
Jia Jia
Jack Bowers
Elisabeth Ajtay
Unstoppable Voters Project