Exhibitions & Public Events

Monday, Sep 10, 2018 - Saturday, Sep 15, 2018
Diego Rivera Gallery


Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 11th | 5–7pm (Artist Talk 5:30pm)

On View: September 10–15

Participating Artists: Hayley Jensen, Giuliana Funkhouser, Jusun Seo, Yangyi Chen, Yuntong Wu.

"Yugen" is a Japanese aesthetic of profoundness and inexplicableness. In Chinese philosophy, it refers to natural quality of human that is unacquired. Cultures share the inspiration from nature, while it has been interpreted heaps of times. However nature is still mysterious and extensive enamoured in art. Yugen create the communication directly to subconsciousness, in order to evoke the deep awareness in origin and the symbiosis of universe.

Artists in Yugen create different spiritual environments and dynamic forms in each art piece. The works are accomplished with artists embracing various aspects of nature, such as ecology, the vastness of the sublime, and natural law. To arouse human empathy of nature, artists give deep perceptions and introspectiveness to the exhibit. The commonality among the works of different cultures and personalities is the aesthetic of nature in our profound awareness which is beyond civilization, and is all human shared.

Image: Courtesy of Yuntong Wu.