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WikiHow to Set Up an Art Exhibition
Monday, May 1, 2017 -
Swell Gallery

WikiHow to Set Up an Art Exhibition #1—Finding other artists to exhibit with

The Swell Gallery invites you to experience WikiHow to Set Up an Art Exhibition #1—Finding other artists to exhibit with, an exhibition featuring works by fourteen current and graduating MFA students; curated by Gígja Jónsdóttir.  

The exhibition comes as a response to the pressures emerging artists, and artists in general, feel to commodify themselves in order to be successful, especially when their work doesn't fit neatly into one category or another. In reflecting on notions of use value, exchange value and the role institutions of art play in dictating the value of artists as brands, this process will explore the role of the artist today within the art world, the art market and society at large, by undertaking performances of:

The artist as a concept
The artist as a product
The artist as a brand
The artist as a sellout
The artist as a front
The artist as a background
The artist as a face
The artist as a soul
The artist as a business card
The artist as a body
The artist as a résumé
The artist as a person
The artist as a elevator pitch
The artist as a thought


The Swell Gallery is located on the second floor of SFAI's Graduate Center at 615 22nd Street. Enter from ground level on 22nd Street and the gallery is the first door on the right after arriving at the second floor from the stairwell.   


Image courtesy of Gígja Jónsdóttir.

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