Exhibitions & Public Events

The Subjective Landscape
Sunday, Oct 26, 2014 - Saturday, Nov 8, 2014
Swell Gallery

Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 29, 7–9 pm
Participating Artists: Åsa Åkerlund, Cecilia Borgenstam, and Natalie Brilliant

Exploring authenticity and comprehension to interpret physical and spiritual spaces, the artists in The Subjective Landscape examine how we can stretch the definitions of the visible landscape through photographs, installations, and living things.

Åsa Åkerlund’s works speak to the notion of home as a place of protection and exclusion. With sculptural pieces and photographs, she investigates how people connect to one another and what role the home has in this connection.

Cecilia Borgenstam’s series of dreamscapes What happened when I was asleep challenge our notion of reality and reconstruction, acknowledging that the fluidity of memory and imagination can affect the meaning of a personal experience and suddenly deconstruct the boundary between pleasure and nightmare, playfulness and uncertainty.

Natalie Brilliant’s sculptural performance pieces—referred to by the artist as ‘living things’—embody the natural phenomenon of movement within stillness. By creating a visceral landscape, she exposes the uncontrollable within the mind, body, and nature.