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Monday, Feb 8, 2016 - Friday, Feb 19, 2016
Swell Gallery

The term post-haste is meant to convey speed and immediacy. Capitalist culture lives off of the necessity of speed and a furious urgency to move forward. The edicts of the white Euro-Futurist fits very well with current attitudes of  “younger, better, faster, stronger.”

Post/Haste is an exhibition that is an artistic reexamination of the term and what it really means to move forward. While rapid technological developments have made us to feel as if we’re perpetually advancing towards “ the future,” socially we are in the process crashing into the past.  Currently the U.S. has the largest income gap between the rich and the poor since before the great depression, the war on women’s rights is gaining ground, and the persecution of black and brown people around the world is only increasing. By rethinking the term itself and manipulating its syntax, it is made to suggest that our desire to rush towards a future and ignore the past has actually brought about a sort of “post/haste” stillness. Rather than continue to rush into the future, this exhibition suggests that the future lies somewhere in our pasts and it is only when we are in tension with the past, that the future can once again becomes visible.

Through a variety of media including found ephemera, sculpture, video and mixed media, the artists consider our relationship to both the past and the future and how to bring both into tension with the present.


Participating Artists: Natasha White, Paula Morales, Diana Li, Katie Jenkins-Moses, Kathy Sirico


Post/Haste is curated by by Harper Brokaw-Falbo and Natasha White.

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