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Open Book Show
Monday, Jan 16, 2017 - Saturday, Jan 28, 2017
Swell Gallery

Sketchbooks are a window into personal, everyday moments- they are fragments of poetry, journaling, observation and scheming. They are the passage of time through record. Sketchbooks are tactile and intimate experiences; in this show the audience is invited to personally flip through the books. Both scribbles and developed images lay alongside each other. We press our thumbprints into our own works. The exhibition includes large scale photo prints of select notebook pages for the walls of the show to truly make an immersive exhibit. The Open Book is meant to be interactive not only through the artists contribution but through the audience’s examination.

The Open Book Show features the sketchbooks of Kai Chen, Ben Cornish, Jer Garver, Abby Gregg, Stephanie Kudisch, Kate Laster, and Manny Robertson.


Kate Laster, Artist’s Book Collection (partial), Mixed Media Books, 2012-2017

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