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LIMP: Lifeforms of Innovative Mechanized Perceptions
Sunday, Nov 9, 2014 - Saturday, Nov 22, 2014
Swell Gallery

Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 12, 7–9 pm
Participating Artists: Zoila Albarinia, Ann-Marie Cunningham, Shiwen Jing, David Tim, and Jialou Wu

LIMP: Lifeforms of Innovative Mechanized Perceptions regards the capacity to gear activities of collaboration and mutual expression with external structures, whether machine- or man-made.

The artists explore the structure of communication as a phenomenon on which societies have based narrative succession. Time and commonality have not perfected this—there is no “primordial language”—and thus we are left with interpretation and subjectivity. As individuals, we search for familiarity and mutuality to relate, and quest to align and understand.

In Cyborg Manifesto, Jennifer Gonzalez states, “This is a dream not of a common language, but of a powerful (infidel) heteroglossia… It means both building and destroying: machines, identities, categories, relationships and space stories.”

Zoila Albarinia explores mounted photographs through an algorithmic grid—the banal repetition in daily activities, and documenting our automated, often mechanized, approach to living. Albarinia uses her own documentation style to monitor a way to come to terms with basic processes. 

Jialou Wu uses photography and sculptural works to address artificial machines, how they enter and affect our bodies, and how our bodies then disperse into their networks. 

Ann-Marie Cunningham provokes the discourse between messy hybrid networks, part human and part machine. Her prints address the differences between boundaries that are ‘natural' and 'artificial,’ social and geographic. 

David Tim’s commentary regards the pulse interaction between man and musical machine, and the ‘mesmerize’ in creating a third dimension to communication. 

Shiwen Jing personifies the interaction between gender-specific and hyper-imposed boundaries in deconstructed artifacts and their reconstruction. 

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LIMP: Lifeforms of Innovative Mechanized Perceptions Opening Reception
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