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Keep the Family Close
Monday, Apr 23, 2018 - Saturday, Apr 28, 2018
Diego Rivera Gallery

Keep the Family Close

Opening Reception: April 24 | 5–7pm

We make art about our family because if one drop of blood is in anguish how could we bear to make picturesque photos of trees. We make art about race because even deeply personal work is a reference to a body that we are always part of. A womb we never left. All around us our family is hurting, black men, woman, and children are being killed and the powers in place paint a picture of a world that seems just as bleak as the days before. Through all this we are often alone, the black student body of SFAI is 3.6% and recent estimate puts the city of San Francisco at 2.7%. We’re here together; we’re here for each other; and, that is all we feel needs to be said. Because it’s what we have to do.

Participating Artists: Wesaam Al-Badry, Chloe’ Terez Allison, Yoni Asega, Nathaniel DeVivo, Nicholas Espejo, Ruvianne Fetsco, Ashlyn Forbes, Maya Herdigein, Kamal Jahi, Naomi Lee, April Lynn, Juancy Matos, Kennedy Morgan, Olivia Nevins-Carbins, Alexander Newman, James Patterson, Syd Yocom

Curated by Nathaniel DeVivo
Image: Courtesy of Nathaniel DeVivo

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Opening Reception: Keep The Family Close
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