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To: Insecurity
Sunday, Feb 7, 2016 - Saturday, Feb 13, 2016
Diego Rivera Gallery

We all feel insecure at times. Voices can be confusing, glances can be violent, even the environment we grow up in can make us feel helpless and vulnerable. In this exhibition we talk about different situations in life that make us feel insecure and anxious, and see how we react differently to these situations. Do we choose to escape, or put up a fence to protect ourselves? Do we shout out for attention, or just accept it and drown in the situation? Our reactions don’t necessarily help us feel more secure, but they open an exit to the insecurity that surrounds us so we can go out and see where it leads us.


Participating Artists: Eric Carson, Di Hou, Soraya Sharghi, Kimber Shaw, Shae Rocco

To: Insecurity is curated by Ye Liu.

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