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If Opposites are Equal
Sunday, Jan 21, 2018 - Saturday, Jan 27, 2018
Diego Rivera Gallery

If Opposites are Equal

Opening Reception: January 23 | 5–7pm (Artist Talk @ 5:30pm)

Participating Artists: Rel Robinson, Emily Meisler, Alexis Lastomirsky, and Joseph Robertson.

Defined not by where they are
But where they might lead
None here nor there
Both there and here
Elusive tenants of the in-between
Dissolvers of the binary
Membranes that serve as thresholds
Constant cycles of
An induced state of awareness
Allows one to assign memory
Feelings as actions
I do hear my breath
Compulsory movements
Acts of obscuring
Negative space created
Symbiosis run amuck
Never-ending liminal space
Constant cycle of growth
And destruction
Mimicking nature’s will
Harmonically they carry
Against industrial meditation
Running and playing
Disparate directions
Relinquish all control
There is no destination
Only sites of transit

Curated by Stevie Southard


Image: Rel Robinson, The Sunset Is Also Impossible. Courtesy the artist.

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