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Four Rooms
Sunday, Nov 23, 2014 - Saturday, Dec 6, 2014
Swell Gallery

Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 3, 7–9 pm
Participating Artists: Rhys Bambrick, Evan Brownstein, Matt Goldberg, and Santiago Insignares

Four Rooms showcases a living space—complete with bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and yard. Each room belongs to the mind of one artist, with all four collaborating on the communal space of the living room. 

The artists become roommates as they each bring their approach, flavor, and aesthetic together to form a collective unit. Installation acts as the vehicle for the viewer to produce his or her own progressive narrative. Confronted with a familiar space, a narrative is not revealed but rather waiting to be discovered within the experience of each individual occupant of the artistic “home.”  As the gallery undergoes a transformation from a space intended for viewing into a space capable of being inhabited, a transformation occurs within the viewer from voyeur into participant.

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