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Sunday, Feb 4, 2018 - Saturday, Feb 10, 2018
Diego Rivera Gallery


Opening Reception: February 6 | 5pm
Participating Artists: Cressida Collins, David Dugoncevic, Reid Fowler, Giuliana Funkhouser, Blue Growden, Quinton Isaacs, Diana Martinez, Miguel Novelo, Laura Pacchini, and Krista Wright.

FLOW is our collective ode to “being in the zone” through a state of play. Games of chance, puzzle solving, speculative world-building and deadly skill have inspired artists since times immemorial. Some folks craft them, others relish in breaking their rules and conventions, but the most adept harness the magic circles opened at the start of their games to transport players and spectators into a state of flow. The roles, rituals, values, goals and internal languages while playing allow us to explore our world and ourselves in a temporary moment. Please join us in considering how games can transform our lives through alternate realities or by highlighting the conditions of the present—creative attire is encouraged!

Curated by Giuliana Funkhouser and David Dugoncevic.


Image: Laura Pacchini. Courtesy the artist.

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