Exhibitions & Public Events

Fill in the _________
Sunday, Sep 28, 2014 - Saturday, Oct 11, 2014
Swell Gallery

Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 1, 7–9 pm


Participating Artists: Megan Armstrong, Alice Combs, Matt Goldberg, Shannon Miya, and Christopher Squier


Words, language, text, clarification, inspiration, translation; tongue twisters, poetry, stories, biographies, conversations; fictional, factual, literal, figurative, definitive—the power of text as a tool for communication and interpretation can also lead to an inevitable derailment of meaning. Fill in the _________investigates methods through which text can be visually transformed and interpreted.


Letters are presented as forms, leaving imprints of visual negative space between the lines. This textual work challenges the traditional reading of letters and the written word by investigating the space between words and cognitive definitions as a translation into visual forms, readings, sculptural interpretations, sound, conversation, and communication experiments. Words become the material and subject matter, revealing of our reliance upon, and the disparities between, text and visuals.