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Evolving Office: An Arte Útil Project
Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 - Saturday, Apr 22, 2017
Diego Rivera Gallery

The Evolving Office: An Arte Útil Project  provides a space of engagement where visitors are welcome to hold discussions, read, listen and even inquire further into the Arte Útil archive. In lieu of an exhibition, the office stages a laboratory and investigative space and the visitors are the users of the space.

Arte Útil as a concept urges us as artists, writers and creative thinkers to reconsider the potential of art beyond limited notions of aesthetics, to reimagine the ‘function’ of art and its potential effects within society. Art, in this regard, can be a tool for social and political change that aims to offer a beneficial outcome for its users. It is this direct immersion of art into a society and its engagement with various localities, communities, and peoples that makes a space for transformation and collaboration possible; in this way, useful art becomes an arena for action.

We endeavor to transform the Diego Rivera Gallery into an open, ‘coworking’ office space where visitors (both students and campus guests) are welcome to engage in personal research, host meetings, or spend time with the provided materials.

Participants: Shanza Elahi, Lauren Licata, Ye Liu, Nicholas Mittelstead, Kate Rennels, Bertha Rodriguez, Amina Shah, Jiaming Song, Weiying Yu, and Aaron Wilder.


Image courtesy of the artist.

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