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Delusions of Fear
Friday, Dec 1, 2017 -
Swell Gallery | Outside Wall

Delusions of Fear is a solo show exhibiting the work of Rafael Bustillos in collaboration with Gianna Brusa, Thomas Colcord, Jin Clapper, Joshua Zachary Mintz, Alexia Seagull Tholo, Rebecca Kaufman, and Arika Von Edler.

Delusions of Fear examines moments of fear that humans experience in dreams. Humans attach a great value to fear because, as some argue, fear provides humans the opportunity to activate their fetishistic habits, thus becoming a constitutive feature of the way we live our lives. Friedrich Nietzsche suggested that the roots of this outcome are connected to the manner in which words allow humans to create metaphors. When Nietzsche questions if language is an adequate source of expression to understand all realities, he encourages reflection on the dynamics of the convention of language that impact the way we understand our dreams. If language is a product of knowledge, and knowledge is responsible for humans’ abilities to acquire a sense of truth, then language holds the power to define fear.

Image: Rafael Bustillos, Back from Heaven, 2017

The Swell Gallery is located on the first floor of SFAI's Fort Mason Campus at Pier 2, 2 Marina Boulevard.

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