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Monday, Jan 25, 2016 - Friday, Feb 5, 2016
Swell Gallery

Non-white artists are often identified, categorized, and stereotyped by their race; their non-Western backgrounds are emphasized and expected to be shown in their works. BORDERLESS pushes this situation further by questioning what art should be considered as non-white art and who should have the power to make such distinction between white and non-white art. This exhibition features all Asian artists, and will be shown in a time close to the Asian Lunar New Year. The artists invite the audience to experience their struggles as non-white artists, especially as Asian artists in this context, in both the aesthetic and conceptual processes of art making as well as each artist’s individual voice confronting the oversimplified stereotype. Using the space of the Swell Gallery, this show incites reflection, destabilizes general perception, and avoids an easy read regarding Asian identities.

Participating Artists: Weijue Wang, Shisi Huang, Yan Huang, Di Hou, Sai Li, Shihan Xu, and Chuhe Yan

BORDERLESS is curated by Yueqi Chen.

Image courtesy of Shihan Xu.

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