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Beyond the Corner of the Eye
Sunday, Dec 7, 2014 -
Diego Rivera Gallery

Opening Reception: Tuesday, December 9, 5–7 pm

Participating Artists: Secil Akkaya, Amy Cella, Paula Ceroni, Jackie Wook-hee Choo, Amanda Clare, Sarah Durney, Chris Dyer, Lisa Erdberg, Eddie FitzGerald, Mary May-Yuarn Fong, Anne Gable, David Goldberg, Cari Beth Grisham, Anthony Heller, Shelly Henry, Lynda Hirose, Jader, Judith James, Leslee Kurihara, Maggie Lawson, Isabelle Le Ferrand, Paul Murdoch, Rony Sagy, Jamie Stobie, Ningjing Su, Raissa Trend, Bridget Wagner, Qian Zhao

Curated by Matthew Passmore

The poem is just beyond the corner of the eye
You cannot see it—not yet—but sense the first gleam,
Or stir. It may be like a poor little shivering fieldmouse,
One tiny paw lifted from snow while, far off, the owl

–Excerpt from “The Corner of the Eye” by Robert Penn Warren, 1985

Beyond the Corner of the Eye explores a range of contemporary approaches to abstraction. Taking everyday objects and commonplace experiences as the point of origin, the artworks imply much more than what is contained within the four corners of the frame—fragments of dreams, obscure visions, vague figures that linger at the corner of the eye—intentionally complicating the traditional relationship between art and its audience, and requiring the viewer’s imagination to flesh out the meaning of each piece.

The exhibition is thus conceived as a collaboration between the artists and the viewer, with each playing a significant role in creating the full range of meanings for each piece. Because each viewer has a unique experience of the work, Beyond the Corner of the Eye is not a unified monolithic exhibition, but rather a multiplicity of exhibitions, each circumscribed by the deeply personal and complementary impressions and reactions within each artist and each viewer.

Comprising a diverse spectrum of media and strategies of abstraction, the exhibition celebrates the unseen, the obscured, the ambiguous and the magical moments imbedded in the everyday experience of modern life. Curated by Matthew Passmore, Beyond the Corner of the Eye exhibits work from the Fall 2014 Public Education program at SFAI.



Matthew Passmore is an artist, teacher and pioneering public space advocate. Best known as the original founder of the Rebar Art & Design Studio, Matthew has generated the concept for many well-known public art projects, including PARK(ing) Day, an annual global art event he has led since 2007. In 2014, Matthew founded MoreLab, a creative endeavor focused specifically on creating innovative public art, museum exhibitions and public spaces. Recent projects include the Latham Square Pilot Plaza, a temporary plaza in downtown Oakland and Kaleidoscape, a three-year social sculpture project at the Berkeley Art Museum. Matthew speaks around the world about contemporary art and design, most recently at TEDx in Vienna, Austria and d.Talks in Calgary, Alberta. He has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute and the California College of the Arts (CCA).

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