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8 Ways to Respond to a Plastic Sphere
Sunday, Mar 12, 2017 - Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
Diego Rivera Gallery

An exhibition featuring student works by Alex Post, Carlos Medina-Diaz, Charlie Ford, MJ Miller, Ruvianne Torres-Fetsco, Ryan Molnar, Sophie Zlotnicki, and Stevie Southard.



Eight artists responding to the same object
As a space of play
As experiment in space
As investigation


We unify in using the material as a prompt
A reaction to something


How do we seek knowledge
and theory
In response to a plastic sphere?


It is the symbol of a limit
A boundary
A conditioning


What is the difference between a reaction and an answer
It is an opportunity for eight answers to the same question


To move out of our regular practices
And use the sphere as navigation
our guide


Image courtesy of the artists.

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