Exhibitions & Public Events

2X-CHANGE: Collaborative comic show
Sunday, Oct 4, 2015 - Saturday, Oct 17, 2015
Swell Gallery


Set in Post-WWIII America, in an enclave called Ion City, 2X-CHANGE is a story based on the relationship between Wunder “Wun” Walker and Túlia “Tú” Nurse, two queer people of color with special abilities. The story spans a period during and nearly 150 years after what is commonly referred to as the “Total War” or “End War,” in which three-fifths of the human population has been decimated.

Written over three volumes, the story first builds on the relationship between Wun and Tú as they learn from, teach and support each other. The first volume begins and ends with Tú’s first mission, and introduces a threat to Ion City. The second volume travels back to show how Ion City came to be, and offers more on Ion City’s founder, Leora “Leadfoot Leo” Flower’s backstory. The second volume of 2X-Change also charts the history of the looming threat back to members of the founding group. The third volume returns to Wun and Tú’s time as they deal with the threat that has escalated into a civil war.

Written by:
Tasha White

Visual Artists:
Francis Calimlim
Sai Li
Sara Samano