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10-Second Works
Sunday, Oct 23, 2016 - Saturday, Oct 29, 2016
Diego Rivera Gallery

10-Second Works is a group exhibition featuring the work of student artists Natalie Wilkinson, Julia Guzman, Pedro Verdin, Morgan Downing, Alexandar Penate, Chasen Wolcott, Kolby Wolcott, Hilary Bond, Miles Mac Diarmind, Laura Kiernan, Ryan LoPilato, Charlie Ford, Juan Pablo Ayala, Diana Martinez, Hailey Scheffler, Mo Skye, Abigail Gregg, Zeus, Chase Wolcott, and Katherine Boxall.

10-Second Works is the inspired progeny of Tom Marioni’s MOCA FM one-minute radio pieces, Brad Troemel’s Peer Pressure, & wasting time on the Internet. The show is an investigation of art formed in extreme brevity.

“The GIF is not a fetishization of the past […] but a fetishization of the internet’s propensity for compressing information to the furthest degree possible.”
- Brad Troemel, Peer Pressure

“Human memory is intimately tied to isolated moments in time. […] We’ve embraced GIFs as these suspended moments [...], looping only the information necessary to conjure a particular emotion or memory.”
- Joshua Kopstein, GIF That Keeps On GIF’ing

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