Opening Reception: Wise Wound
Saturday, Mar 24, 2018, 3:30PM - 7:00PM
Swell Gallery
Fort Mason Campus at Pier 2, 2 Marina Boulevard

Originating from a central focus, five artists uniquely branch in different voices and mediums. The works are all centered in the mythos, storytelling, and conflation of feminine and personal histories. Individually, the four reclaim power while creating community.

Repossessing traditionally feminine objects and stories around beauty, the artists engage in social dialogues that are canonically belittled; the veil, the beauty of female face and body, and feminine crafts (like "pom-poms") come together to turn feminine practices on their heads.

Featuring the work of: Whitney Humphreys, Hayley Jensen, Sami Cutrona, Taylor Shell, Adea Guldi. Curated by Adea Guldi.

Image: Untitled, Taylor Shell