Opening Reception: The Unhappy Marriage of Sculpture and Textiles: Towards a More Progressive Union
Friday, Sep 07, 2018, 4:30PM - 6:30PM
Swell Gallery
SFAI—Fort Mason Campus Pier 2, 2 Marina Boulevard

Opening Reception: The Unhappy Marriage of Sculpture and Textiles: Towards a More Progressive Union


Perhaps there is an engram in all human minds that makes woven patterns aesthetically pleasurable. In contrast to surface treatment (painting and drawing), where patterns and structures are planned out and built in. As the seminal anthropologist, Junius Bird, stated at a lecture at the Museum of Primitive Art in New York in 1963: “Textiles are an ideal subject for study if one is concerned with the relationship between technology and art. The interconnections are most evident in those fabrics where the desired results - the concepts of the artist - are achieved by structural means inherent in and inseparable from the craft itself [...] What is more, the effects on style and expression may extend beyond textiles and influence the styles of other media where similar controls do not exist.”

Deriving from an interest in the “interaction of surface and structure,” this exhibition examines the reciprocity between “medium and process that results in form.” Organizing the conceptual conceit of this exhibition around excerpts from a book that Sophia found in a dumpster, titled The Art Fabric: Mainstream by Constantine Larsen, we are interested in presenting the sculptural works in this exhibition as “an art form without denying their textile origins - they are textiles and yet refer to something non-textile.”

Exhibiting Artists: Sophia Cook & Jordan Holms

Image: Sophia Cook, Untitled