Opening Reception: The Optics of Inbetweenness
Tuesday, Mar 07, 2017, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Diego Rivera Gallery
800 Chestnut Street

Join us for the opening reception of The Optics of Inbetweenness, featuring works by Jordan Holms, Ashveta Budhrani, Claire Bendiner, Rene Morrison, and Izidora Leber LETHE.

The exhibition focuses on disrupting the hegemony of the gaze as a means of deterritorializing representational politics. Concretely, Jordan Holms’ practice distresses economies of space through large scale abstract paintings which transgress the fugitive boundaries of public and private places. Ashveta Budhrani mobilizes touch through interactive sculptural photography in order to interrogate the visual in “visual arts.” Claire Bendiner’s work is invested in dismantling the established binaries of paintings’ legacy by queering the dialogue between figuration and abstraction. Rene Morrison employs photography to document the liminal space between childhood and adulthood. Izidora Leber LETHE unravels paradigms of what shape the Western, and consequently its art history, through the sculptural form and written text. This exhibition champions inbetweenness, and approaches refusal as a strategy by which to encounter fields of visual culture that reject the dualistic entrapment of representation

Rene Morrison, Untitled, 2013.