Opening Reception: Strength In Awareness
Friday, Oct 05, 2018, 4:30PM - 6:30PM
Swell Gallery
SFAI—Fort Mason Campus Pier 2, 2 Marina Boulevard

Opening Reception: Strength In Awareness

To be aware is to be brave. It is to acknowledge, or to be mindful of both the “good” and the “bad” and to give up subconscious denial. It is not only responsiveness to faults, challenges, struggles, and joy, but also how we find veritable strength within this mindfulness. It is our call to curiosity, our call to question, interrogate, and perceive. Embracing situations in their entirety is daunting, and in some cases, made inaccessible to daily consumeristic human life. This awareness can be quite painful, even heartbreaking. However, it can also be used as a foothold into knowledge and change. It runs deeper than words, deeper than the societal structures imposed and upheld by the many. Today, and still strong within past generations, the call for awareness is shadowed by the convenient lies we tell ourselves in order to continue on without worry or change to our comfortable lifestyles. In breaking down our everyday and exploring the deeper consequences and genuineness, our awareness finds complex, fluid meaning.

Strength in Awareness brings together three artists who work under certain topics of interest that deeply resonate with their truths. By utilizing the strength that lies in awareness, these artists are able to play with or emphasize the very boundaries that limit awareness. From the environment, to humanity, to identity and sexuality, exhibiting artists Samantha Hensel, Hayley Jensen and Taylor Shell explore the limits of awareness and mindfulness to bring forward new understandings.

Image: Samantha Hensel, Hayley Jensen and Taylor Shell; Untitled