Opening Reception: Presence/Absence
Thursday, Dec 01, 2016, 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Swell Gallery
615 22nd Street

Opening reception for Presence/Absence, a group show curated by Kathy Sirico and features student artists Arika von Elder Bready, Gianna Brusa, Aimee Kwon, Guramrit Kaur, and Rafael Bustillos.

Presence/Absence uses figurative narratives to simultaneously explore the potentiality of existence and the confusion left behind in its wake. Questions of omnipresence, ubiquity, and life interlace with mortality, expiration, and personal undoing. Through the application of figurative portraiture and a strong focus on raw intimacy, it seeks to narrate the small yet significantly honest moments in life. By exposing the haunting beauty of subjects both here and gone, it reveals an unfiltered embracement of the flawed within time. Time becomes a balancing act, blemished by love. The incorporation of painting, drawing and photography creates various filters and interpretations which are used to peel back the layers of both life and loss. Questioning ideas of an absent presence and a present absence allows the exploration into the inevitable.

Guramrit Kaur, maa naal vaasta, 2016.