Opening Reception: Parsing Dissent
Saturday, Nov 10, 2018, 4:30PM - 6:00PM
Schafer Gallery
SFAI - Fort Mason Campus Pier 2, 2 Marina Boulevard

Opening Reception: Parsing Dissent

Parsing Dissent investigates sexuality and its representation in contemporary Western culture. Each artist strives to explore their individual queer identity through tools of non-representation and abstraction. This exhibition seeks to reject the queer art historical canon that limits contemporary queer artists into centering their practice around queer desire, sexuality, identity politics, and representation. The increased ‘acceptance’ and ‘visibility’ of queer identities has allowed these bodies to be objectified and fetishized within the contemporary art sphere. Queerness is beyond sexuality—it is a generative refusal of the norm. These artists are queering as a means of refusing to reaffirm the dominant power structures as natural or inevitable and to strive to envision and construct other possibilities. Parsing Dissent showcases artists whose work engages with queer perspectives, and utilizes the tools of abstraction as a means of reclaiming queer autonomy.

Participating artists: Sami Cutrona, E. Leigh Daniels, Colleen Donovan, Taylor Shell