Opening Reception: Outlandish Escape Land
Thursday, Oct 06, 2016, 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Opening reception for Outlandish Escape Land, a group show curated by Kathy Sirico and Aaron Wilder, featuring student artists Leah Gonzales, Cristina Velazquez, and Maryam Yousif.

The exhibition displays the peculiarity that arises through a unique exploration of personal landscapes. With interests in a variety of materials and through the mental process of pontificating what reality truly is, these female artists re-enact foggy memories. While trying to understand remorse, or whatever may be of the past, the works evoke an atmosphere of feelings crossing between innocence and guilt, decrepitude and fluidity, to create images that often are surreal in application but symbolic in content. Each piece is a search where there is some place for mystery to be found.

The Swell Gallery is located on the second floor of SFAI's Graduate Center at 615 22nd Street. Enter from ground level on 22nd Street and the gallery is the first door on the right after arriving at the second floor from the stairwell.

Leah Gonzales, That time when Bonkiki brought Thelmimi to Monkey Sun’s castle, 2016.