Opening Reception: Incli(nations)
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018, 5:00PM
Diego Rivera Gallery
800 Chestnut Street

Opening Reception: Incli(nations)

Join us for the opening reception of Incli(nations), featuring works by Connie Woo, Galeana Fraiz, Henry Chambers, Mengmeng Lu, and Nasim Mogdaham; curated by Stevie Southard and Sherwin Rio.

Our world is full of corruption, discrimination, violence, propaganda, and unjustifiable social conditions which make it difficult to connect to one another on a human level at times. How do we find our place as individuals of our personal cultures when the world is constantly being mediated and homogenized? It happens not only by our governments but by our shared internet content which is produced and engaged with at a growing and disproportionate rate to that of real human interaction.

Incli(nations) brings together five artist from around the world who question their individual lineage and identity as being inherently politicized. Through painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and video they each aim to reveal the shortcomings and impossibilities of various socioeconomic, religious, ethnic and aesthetic inclinations a nation may hold. By exploring diverse human relationships and identities, these artists locate the exact points at which personhood and politics intersect.


Image Credit: Mengmeng Lu, The Vexed Men. Courtesy the artist.