Opening Reception: HELL
Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Diego Rivera Gallery
800 Chestnut Street


On view: Sep 24–30
Opening Reception: Tuesday, Sep 26 5–7pm | Artist talks at 5:30pm

Hell's icy fingers and biting tongue lash out in unexpected ways. For some it is an instantaneous eternal banishment of the soul via a gaping hellmouth, for others it can simply be an uninterrupted stream of electronic dance music played too loudly… Just as the idea slips easy definition through time and space, so too does each artist's notion of how Hell manifests in their own lives. The myriad works collected explore the ruins of crumbling environments, joy-killing stress from societal and familial obligations, crushing paranoia and the pain of exile. On the other hand, one person's Hell may be another's Heaven, and therein we unearth familiar imagery exaggerated to ridiculous lengths and remixed with coats of saccharine glitter you may never be able to wash out no matter how hard you try. Could you sit with those feelings for a moment in good company? Please join us in celebration of our shadows and the unflinching drive to continue making work in questionable times - creative attire is encouraged!

Curated by Giuliana Funkhouser

Artworks by Lex Calip, Henry Chambers, Ben Cornish, David Dugoncevic, David Fagan, Jessica Hutcheson, Alberto Mayer, Krista Wright, Rafael Bustillos

Photo credit: Krista Wright