Opening Reception: Be A Good Citizen
Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018, 5:00PM
Diego Rivera Gallery
800 Chestnut Street

Opening Reception: Be A Good Citizen

February 27 | 5–7pm (Artist Talks @ 5:30pm)

Join us for the opening reception of Be A Good Citizen featuring works by Henry Chambers, Kuo-Chen (Kacy) Jung, Lauren Szabo, Rafael Bustillos, and Shihan Xu; curated by Kuo-Chen (Kacy) Jung.

Capitalism creates an inescapable vested interest that skews and corrupts intent. Wars are waged for the sole purpose of being good for the economy. Is our digital democracy here to distract us from the fact that 97% of all currency is based on debt? This economic inequality is what fuels the machine to keep rolling along, running on a system which needs continuous growth in a world of limited resources. It's only a matter of time before we run out of things to consume. Our daily lives are bombarded with advertisements that encourage our preoccupation to accumulate belongings. Free will and freedom, as our drug of choice, is the feel-good illusion. Spend the seconds of your life working to buy things you don't need. Is this natural? Don't question it, just be a good citizen and go back to sleep. After all, you can't be late for work in the morning. As artists of this group show, we attempt to challenge the capitalist machine. Don't forget to buy some of our work on your way out.


Image: Courtesy the artist, Lauren Szabo.