Opening Reception: American Typhoon
Friday, Sep 22, 2017, 4:30PM - 7:00PM
Swell Gallery
Fort Mason Campus, Pier 2, 2 Marina Boulevard

American Typhoon is a group show curated by Weiying Yu, Kacy Jung and Kai Chen featuring the work of Tiff Yue Liu, Vasudhaa Narayanan, Sherwin Rio, Zeus Zou, Kacy Jung and Kai Chen.

Under the influence of globalization, migration of peoples and cultures across borders has accelerated. This not only profoundly reshapes our economic, social, political structures, but also provokes various interactions, resistance, and entanglements between cultures. Here we propose an exhibition that recognizes diasporic Asian artists who are working and living in the United States but haunted by two cultures. In a time when “the Other” is becoming increasingly problematic, this exhibition attempts to highlight the Otherness that is an integral part of these artists’ racial and cultural identities as they explore and create within new contexts, and suggest a repositioning of Otherness toward an articulation of a hybrid "in-between,” and a negotiation between diverse cultural space-times. Equally it will reflect the dialogue between what is innate within certain traditions of Asian aesthetics and how those sensibilities react to the relatively diverse pluralism of Western culture. It is the climate of "Cultural Hybridity" and its effects that is the focus of this exhibition.

Image credit: Tiff Yue Liu, Pale Moon-Nightmare Archive