MFA Film/Video Festival
Thursday, May 12, 2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM
SFAI Lecture Hall
800 Chestnut Street


Join SFAI for a curated screening of moving-image media—from narrative films and short videos to digital animations and innovative hybrids of sound and image.



Tony Foster
Spoonful of Sugar, 2016

Aphorisms?  Attitudes?  Delusions?  Denial?
One can only take it for so long before they SNAP!

Zhanliang Li
Butterflies, 2015

A boy tries to please a girl with dead butterflies.

Colin Chen Liang
Kinderheim, 2015

Listening to evil fairy tales twists a young boy’s worldview, leading him to believe he has become a monster. Using a combination of live action and stop motion animation, this surrealistic film shows the potential brutality of misled children, and criticizes the impact of adults on children's susceptible souls.

Chao Xu
Ellipsis, 2016

Two men were trapped.

Yi (Grace) Guo
Her, 2016

A young woman is standing in an important stage of her life. Suddenly she finds that everyone is changing a lot. She stands there; everyone is changing, so her invariant has become alien compared to the others. She doesn’t want to surrender to the community. She wants to find an exit…

Cameron Wayne Molidor
Earth Alpha, 2016

After Earth has been exhausted of its natural resources, Zero (a natural intelligence based human pilot) travels back to Earth Alpha on a solo mission to recondition the atmosphere and make the world habitable, once again, for human life. A narrative video piece with stop motion and experimental elements incorporating found sound and an original score.

Elisabeth Kohnke
The Perfect II, 2015

Inspired by Jørgen Leth’s The Perfect Human, Kohnke extends Leth’s critique of the human to our manufactured environments. Utilizing music and dialogue from Leth’s film while omitting the word “human,” the idealization of nature is highlighted, challenging the troubling practice of actively dismissing or passively disregarding certain species and ecosystems.

Suwechha Dhar
Why do we sleep so much?, 2016

This piece is a poem about turning a blind eye to human rights violations.

Jordan Rose Jurich-Weston
The stand of the tide. 

At 1500 fps, singular moments unfold across minutes, meditatively stretched and detached from our reality. The washing of hands, the blink of an eye: these once familiar gestures become unpredictable mannerisms. Their elegant suspension gives way to uncertainty, inviting viewers to reconsider the everyday, and get lost in the unknown.

Zhengyi Zhu
Distance, 2015

Divided into two chapters, this film discusses abstract issues of “distance.” Chapter one shows the process of a hand trying to touch a face. Chapter two reveals the real distance between the face and the hand, and finally explains the reason why the hand can never touch it.

Enar de Dios Rodríguez
Bresson’s Movies

A film-poem constructed with twelve Robert Bresson’s movies and the poem Bresson’s Movies by Robert Creeley. Creeley’s poem becomes a subtitle, an original text to be translated into audiovisual form. The word-by-word editing process makes this translation possible: from written to audiovisual, from English to French, from Robert to Robert.


Hitarth Bhupat Solanki
This is Not a Fairy Tale, 2016

When a young happy married couple gets into an accident their lives change dramatically, will they be able to get through it or they will get destroyed?

Simón García-Miñaúr
Trojan Horse, 2015

Trojan Horse is a cybermelodrama set in the Screen. When Mundo realizes Mother has been using him as a Trojan Horse virus online, he decides to change his life. With the help of Human, he will find a way to log out of the Screen.

Kunlin He
Ghost Face Stroke in Ink and Wash, 2015

Visitors to national parks in China are frequently encouraged to imagine the landscape as something representational, forming deep habits in the Chinese people’s sense of imagination. He re-interprets this collective, automatic behavior using footage from travels within the Bay Area, seeking natural objects that may represent existing patterns or creatures.

Yuanlei Gong
A Journey to the Pet World, 2016

This documentary film is an observation of pet culture in United States from the perspective of a Chinese woman who is astonished by the obsessions she sees. Through visits with a dog walker, dog trainer, dog rescuer, and many dog owners, Gong explores the relationships between pets and people.

Ana María Montenegro Jaramillo
The Unnecessary Fight, 2016

The Unnecessary Fight analyzes Colombia's conflict through a critical parallel with the country's second national sport after war: soccer.