Material Translations
Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017, 5:30PM
Diego Rivera Gallery
800 Chestnut Street

This exhibition features work that smuggles patterns, textures, colors, and forms across the boundaries of mediums and relocates them in an in-between space. The artists in Material Translations conflate the formal confines of their mediums – these artists make paintings about sculpture, sculptures about printmaking, videos about painting and paintings about drawing. Through this methodology of translation, the work in this exhibition is positioned as an assemblage of codified languages. As a lexicon of imagery that is constantly under conversion into abstract vernaculars that elicits the ways in which forms slip in between mediums, the works in this exhibition retains aspects of categorical mediums, but also endeavor to disrupts the dialectical value of these distinctions. in composing a figuration of subjects that exist in the everyday and situated within a larger narrative of unorthodox art making practices, this exhibition is both an attempt to be unfaithful to the traditions from whence it came, but not entirely divorced from its inheritance. In an endeavor to deconstruct the fallacy of resemblance, the work included in this exhibition intends to compose and recompose the quotidian through an acute reconfiguration of materials and their seemingly discreet locations. 

Abby Greg
Ben Cornish
Jordan Holms
Kai Chen
Kate Laster
Nick Mittelstead

Curated by Jordan Holms

Artist talk at 5:30PM
Opening reception Tuesday, October 31st
Exhibition dates: 10/30 - 11/3