Encoding a future setting with Atomic Culture
Thursday, Oct 28, 2021, 12:00PM


Atomic Culture: Encoding a future setting with Atomic Culture

Join us on Zoom for the lecture.

Looking at our past projects and overarching curatorial practice. We will discuss our views on utilizing the various platforms with work within to deconstruct and reconstruct narratives. Curation as a tool to reimagine different outlooks and opportunities while nurturing and responding to the needs of the artists and communities we work within. 

Atomic Culture is a curatorial platform founded by Mateo and Malinda Galindo. Our mission is to collaborate with artists on site-specific projects that reimagine the outlook of our cities. Mateo holds an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College and a BA in Media Arts from the University of New Mexico. Malinda Galindo has a degree in Art History and Museum Profession as well as in Marketing and Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Their past projects include, Re__ (2020) an online exhibition in two parts reimagine.siteState of the Artist: We're Only Dreaming (2020) on election night in collaboration with Tri-city collective and ESP TV; American Ledger II. (2020), a site specific score for Tulsa and the surrounding areas as Billboard by composer and artist, Raven Chacon, Destroy the Myth (as vinyl window covering) by Demian DinéYazhi  (2020), ´Ojalá at the Carlsbad Museum and Art Center (2018), Entre Irse y Quedarse at Galeria Merida in Merida (2017), Mexico, and Future Now/Futura Ahora at the Loisaida Center (2017), Turn on/Take Cover, Carlsbad Museum and Art Center (2016). They were guest lecturers at New School, Intro to Curating, and panelists in 2016 on Prefigurative Politics on the Eve of the Election at the Vera List Center. In 2019 they were invited to curate a booth at MECA art fair in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They're currently running Cinetelechy Lab (an intergenerational storytelling mentorship in collaboration with Blackhorse Lowe) and / 90.1FM an online performance and community radio.


Image: Atomic Culture, Mateo Galindo and Malinda Galindo. Photo by Melissa Lukenbaugh