Opening Reception: Forbearance in Finitude
Tuesday, Aug 08, 2017, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Diego Rivera Gallery
800 Chestnut Street

Opening reception: August 8 | 5–7pm (Artist talks @ 5:30pm)

Join us for the opening reception of Forebearance in Finitude, featuring works by Miles Roa, Reed Hexamer, and Luz Brown; curated by Katherine Boxall and Miles Roa.


Forbearance in Finitude surveys the incessant bearing of the hardships of loss and trauma, regardless of the individual’s awareness of the universal and definable limits of a life. How to honor the life of the departed highlights a topic that humanizes what fills most people with dread – their own death. This collection of work encourages visitors to advocate for their effigy in death, renew their portrayal in the wake of trauma, and consider the modes of afterlife representation.

Utilizing historic photographic processes, M. Roa recalibrates the contemporary positioning of the narrative of the marginalized body – and its after-image – through the creation and cloaking of the images themselves in Pre-Mortem. In How to Throw a Party in a Mausoleum, Reed Hexamer inspires those living in the wake of trauma, not to rebuild, but to make home in a new house through the use of poetry and installation. Luz Olivia employs film to sift through the sea of online speculation and commentary shaping the memories of the departed, juxtaposing the private and the public in Autopsy of Abstraction.

The artists explore the assumption that humanity insists life should hardly pass without recognition; that death and trauma are not finite ends; that the integrity of one’s legacy is vulnerable to the current social climate.

“I have grown to understand that losing somebody has more to do with presence than absence. The imprint that they leave behind is never empty – it is always full. There is a resistance in that kind of death: an acknowledgement of bodies other than one’s own.” – Reed Hexamer

Image courtesy of Miles Roa.