BA Thesis Symposium 2015
Friday, Apr 24, 2015, 4:00PM
SFAI - Studio 18
800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

Graduating scholars in SFAI’s Bachelor of Arts programs in History and Theory of Contemporary Art and Urban Studies will present selections of their completed Bachelor's theses in a public event. Engaging a diverse and interdisciplinary range of topics, the BA Thesis Symposium represents the capstone of a semester-long Thesis Colloquium.


The Biomimetic Ethic: An Ecofeminist Approach to Biotechnologies
Cathryn Beckstrand
A development of the ethical structure supporting the biomimetic approach to technological innovation and its relationship to sustainability and global ecological integrity.

Mark Making Culture
Kimberly Dapice
An assessment of tattooing’s adaption to the contemporary realm and its domination over other art forms.

Blood as River from Now to Nowhere: An Indigenous Remapping of Place 
Sarah Biscarra-Dilley
Using the Mission San Francisco de Asís, or Mission Dolores, as an anchor point, this presentation will explore the site through narratives of blood: blood as spatial possession, blood as politics of purity, and blood as contested narrative; troubling settler understandings of place and centering California Indigenous perspective on temporality, displacement, and homeland. 


Photo Credit : Cathryn Beckstrand