Pursue a minor in any of SFAI's major programs.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to organize elective coursework in exciting new ways and demonstrate the interdisciplinary character of their studies “on paper,” since a successfully completed minor will be recorded on transcripts.

You may minor in any program other than your major. For example, a Photography major could minor in New Genres, a Sculpture major could minor in Painting or Art and Technology, and a History and Theory of Contemporary Art major could minor in Printmaking. Students may also explore specific areas of interest within a minor, such as ceramics, artists’ books, issues of sustainability, or experimental cartography, or define their own pathway.


Each minor requires seven courses within an area of study. Please refer to each department-specific matrix for more information. Students may transfer two courses (6 units) into a minor.

Art and Technology

Title Units
Introduction to Art and Technology I 3
Introduction to Art and Technology II 3
Digital Media Distribution 3
Interactivity and Social Media Distribution 3
Electronic Distribution 3
Art and Technology Electives 6
Total 21


Title Units
FM-100 Introduction to Film 3
FM-100-level course 3
FM-200-level course 3
FM-300-level course 3
Three Film Elective courses 9
Total 21

History and Theory of Contemporary Art

Title Units
HTCA-106 Topics and Foundations in Contemporary Art 3
HTCA-202 Dialogues in Contemporary Art 3
CS-390 Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium 3
Four History and Theory of Contemporary Art Elective courses (HTCA-100 Global Art History & HTCA-101 Modernity & Modernism count towards this requirement) 12
Total 21

New Genres

Title Units
NG-100 New Genres I 3
NG-200-level course 3
NG-300-level course 3
History of New Genres or Issues in Contemporary Art 3
Three New Genres Elective courses 9
Total 21


Title Units
PA-100 Painting I 3
PA-200-level course 3
PA-300-level course 3
History of Painting 3
Three Painting Elective courses 9
Total 21


Title Units
PH-100 Introduction to Photography and the Darkroom 3
PH-200-level course 3
PH-300-level course 3
History of Photography 3
Three Photography Elective courses 9
Total 21


Title Units
Printmaking I Requirement 3
PR-200-level course 3
PR-300-level course 3
History of Printmaking 3
Three Printmaking Elective courses 9
Total 21


Title Units
SC-100 3-D Strategies: Beginning Sculpture 3
CE-100 Ceramics I: Fabrication 3
SC-200-level course 3
SC-300-level course 3
History of Sculpture 3
Two Sculpture Elective courses 6
Total 21