Studio Art

An interdisciplinary and rigorous approach

The MFA in Studio Art at SFAI offers an unprecedented chance to combine conceptual investigation and studio practice through a rigorous curriculum in an educational environment known for experimental, relevant, and intentional work. This program is one of a kind in its potential for creating vital original art while also providing opportunities for collaboration in a tight-knit community of artists and thinkers.

SFAI is an immersive environment that is critically investigating the ideas of artistic practice through a curriculum that offers exposure to many disciplines and an awareness of the places where disciplines intersect and overlap.


In Studio Art 0
Graduate Tutorial 12
Graduate Critique Seminar 12
Studio Electives 9
Electives 6
Topics Seminar 6
Art History Seminar Electives 9
Critical Studies Seminar Electives 6
Intermediate Review 0
Final Review 0
MFA Exhibition 0
Graduate Lecture Series 0
Total 60


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