SFAI approaches photography as a visual and conceptual tool, a way to construct narrative, and a means to document the world.

SFAI is home to the first “fine art” photography program in the country, founded by Ansel Adams in 1946. Historical and critical knowledge of photography is brought to bear on contemporary practice, and students are encouraged to utilize technique in the service of their concepts. Issues of installation, scale, materials, presentation, and audience interaction are rigorously considered and questioned. As technology continues to change, Photography at SFAI continues to expand and evolve while still being attentive to traditional, analogue approaches.

The Photography curriculum prepares students to bring a critical understanding to a society that is saturated with cameras and photographic images, and to envision what they—as artists—have to offer such a world.


In Studio Art (with Optional Emphasis) 0
Graduate Tutorial 12
Graduate Critique Seminar 12
Studio Electives 9
Electives (3 units in emphasis with emphasis option) 6
Topics Seminar (in emphasis with emphasis option) 6
Art History Seminar Electives 9
Critical Studies Seminar Electives 6
Intermediate Review 0
Final Review 0
MFA Exhibition 0
Graduate Lecture Series 0
Total 60

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Linda Connor

Jack Fulton (Professor Emeritus)

Reagan Louie

Lindsey White (Photography Department Chair)

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