New Genres

SFAI’s New Genres emphasis has strong roots in the history of conceptual art, where the artist’s concepts, intentions, and questions are the art medium and the work itself.

Initially founded as an emphasis in performance art and video, New Genres quickly expanded to also encompass site specificity, social practices, and other trans-disciplinary media and approaches.

New Genres courses are post-studio laboratories for experimentation and discovery, in which student are challenged to respond to society and culture by identifying the best means of expression for each individual work. Dialogue and discussion are key tools in the advancement of ideas that become manifest in the form of the work.


In Studio Art (with Optional Emphasis) 0
Graduate Tutorial 12
Graduate Critique Seminar 12
Studio Electives 9
Electives (3 units in emphasis with emphasis option) 6
Topics Seminar (in emphasis with emphasis option) 6
Art History Seminar Electives 9
Critical Studies Seminar Electives 6
Intermediate Review 0
Final Review 0
MFA Exhibition 0
Graduate Lecture Series 0
Total 60