Academic Resources

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The ARC provides free tutoring and academic support to all SFAI students.

Students may visit the ARC for a variety of reasons, and ARC tutors—graduate students with a background in education and a passion for teaching—can help you develop a more sophisticated approach to both your academic and studio work. 

At the ARC you can:

  • Seek guidance on academic or studio assignments—from essays and math homework, to creative writing and exam preparation.
  • Improve your English vocabulary, grammar, or conversation skills.
  • Recalibrate your study techniques and time management skills to meet the demands of a college or graduate-level program.
  • Work through difficult reading material.
  • Study in a quiet environment, surrounded by excellent resources—reference books, computers, coffee and tea, and tutors happy to answer any questions.

Summer 2018 Hours

  • 800 Chestnut Street, in Studio 15: Tutors are available by appointment only; to set up an on-campus meeting, email Studio 15 is open during the summer session, from June 18 to August 10, for students to use computers and study spaces.
  • ARC Online Google Drive: This service is available at any time during the summer. Submit your essay draft and receive feedback from a tutor in 2–3 days via

Drop in or make an appointment by visiting

For more information, contact Ashley Clarke, Director of Academic Resource Center: | 415.749.4593

Accessibility Services Office (ASO)

The ASO ensures that students with documented disabilities have equal access to the curriculum and school environment by providing a range of accommodations.

Some of the most common accommodations include extra time for assignments, a quiet place for exams, and note takers. If you have had accommodations in th past, used a 504 plan, or believe that you might qualify for accommodations during your time at SFAI, the ASO can assist you in determining and arranging for these accommodations.

In order to begin the registration process, you must complete an ASO Student Registration Form.

For more information, contact Alicia Lewis,  Director of Equity, Access, + Inclusion: | 415.749.4524

Academic Advising

Academic Advisors can meet with you to collaborate on a schedule of courses that is meaningful and that will ensure timely progress toward your degree. They can also assist you in choosing a major or minor, developing an academic projection for degree completion, and other questions related to your academic goals and success.

After the ADD/DROP period of your first semester, you’ll meet with your Academic Advisor at specific points before earning your degree:

  • Students who have completed fewer than 30 units are required to meet with an advisor prior to registering for courses.
  • Students who have completed 33 units or more are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor prior to registering to ensure enrollment in the appropriate courses to meet degree requirements.
  • Students who have accumulated 87 units or more are required to meet with an advisor to review their remaining requirements for graduation.

Advisors are available by appointment and during scheduled drop-in hours.

For more information, contact Jen Sikora, Director of Academic Advising + Student Success: | 415.749.4594